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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 July 2005, 11:59 GMT 12:59 UK
Warning over bomb pictures leak
ABC picture of a Tube carriage wrecked in the blast near King's Cross
The images were broadcast on US TV (Photo: ABC TV)
Evidence on the London bombings leaked in America could harm UK-US relations, a leading US politician has warned.

The warning from the chairman of the House of Representatives' Intelligence Committee follows the broadcast of pictures obtained by a US TV network.

Pete Hoekstra said the images of a wrecked Tube carriage and a bomb hoard shown by ABC could cause suspicions.

"We can't be looking over each other's shoulder wondering who is leaking whose information," Mr Hoekstra said.

America's relationship with the UK could be damaged if further information emerged which the British police were trying to keep under wraps, the congressman added.

"It's impossible to know how tight police are being with the details in London but if the investigation is put in jeopardy, that would be a tragedy."

New York Times leak

The images of bomb components recovered from a car believed to have been hired by one of the 7 July bombers and a wrecked Tube carriage interior obtained by ABC have been reproduced in the UK and around the world, including on BBC News outlets.

"Following widespread coverage elsewhere, the images were effectively in the public domain, and subsequently we felt it legitimate to report such key development to our audiences," a BBC News spokesman said.

The pictures are the latest example of information about the investigation into the 7 July bombings emerging first in the US.

Soon after the bombings a Joint Terrorist Analysis Centre report leaked to the New York Times revealed that three weeks before the attacks British intelligence officials thought there was no group with the intent or capacity to attack the UK.

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