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Last Updated: Saturday, 30 July 2005, 01:08 GMT 02:08 UK
Failed bomb attacks: What we know
The latest details of the attempts to detonate bombs on three London Tube trains and a bus on Thursday 21 July, following a series of arrests on Friday.

All journeys started between 12:20 and 12:25 BST. Times approx.


A man was seen at Stockwell Tube station at about 1225 BST on Thursday, 21 July. Police named their suspect as Ibrahim Muktar Said - also known as Muktar Mohammed Said.

The man was spotted walking towards the platforms at the station, which is an interchange for the Northern and Victoria Lines.

Police say he boarded a Number 26 bus, which runs from Waterloo to Hackney Wick, at 1253 in the Bank area of the City of London. The Northern Line is one of three running through Bank underground station.

They say he was carrying a grey and black rucksack, and sat on a seat towards the back of the bus, with the bag next to him.

According to detectives, he tried to detonate a bomb during the journey before getting off in Hackney Road, east London, near the junction with Colombia Road, at 1306. Police issued a photograph from a CCTV camera on the bus, showing a man leaving the top deck at that time, wearing a grey T-shirt with what is thought to be a palm tree design, a dark jacket and a white baseball cap.

The bus driver reported hearing a bang followed by the smell of smoke. When he investigated, he said he found a rucksack had exploded, blowing out windows at the front of the top deck.

Police arrested a man who identified himself as Ibrahim Muktar Said, 27, at a flat in north Kensington, London, on 29 July.


A man named by police as Yassin Hassan Omar was also seen at Stockwell Tube station just before 1225 BST. Police say he was carrying a small purple rucksack.

According to police, he boarded a Victoria Line Tube train and tried to set off a bomb between Oxford Circus and Warren Street stations, before fleeing.

The 24-year-old was seen in Warren Street station without the rucksack at 1240. He ran towards the exit, vaulting over the ticket barrier, according to detectives.

Witnesses described hearing a bang at the front of the northbound train as it headed into the station.

Armed police were later deployed at University College Hospital, nearby, after a man was spotted running towards it from the station.

Yassin Hassan Omar was arrested by police at a house in Small Heath, Birmingham, on 27 July.


Another man seen at Stockwell underground station at around 1225 BST got on a northbound Northern Line train.

Police say that somewhere between Stockwell and Oval he attempted to detonate a bomb before leaving the train at Oval. Passengers reported hearing a bang and seeing smoke in a carriage.

The suspect was chased by what police describe as brave members of the public, but he escaped and headed along Brixton Road towards Brixton.

He was caught on CCTV cameras on the passenger concourse at 1234, seconds before leaving the station. He was wearing a dark sweater with the words New York on the front.

The man made his way along Normandy Road and Cowley Road, discarding his top at the junction with Mostyn Gardens.

Police say he went down Cancell Road, Frederick Crescent and Langton Road, and was last seen in Tindall Street at about 1245.

Ramzi Mohamed, arrested in north Kensington, London, on 29 July, is being linked with the Oval incident.


A man wearing a dark blue shirt and baseball cap and carrying a small rucksack entered Westbourne Park Tube station in west London just after 1220 BST.

A CCTV picture of him was taken at 1221 at the station.

He caught a train heading for Shepherd's Bush, just two stops away, on the Hammersmith and City Line.

Somewhere between the two stations - at about 1225 - police believe he tried to detonate a bomb, which failed to explode properly. A witness later spoke of hearing a bang like a "pistol going off", and seeing a fellow passenger lying on the floor on top of a smoking rucksack.

The suspect jumped off the train at Shepherd's Bush - probably through a window at the end of the carriage - and moved along the tracks, which at this part of the line are above ground.

After about 200-300 yards, he climbed down into gardens, travelling along McFarlane Road before turning left into Wood Lane and going past BBC Television Centre.

He was last seen running towards the A40 a few hundred yards farther on, and is believed to have discarded his dark blue short-sleeved shirt on the way before catching a number 220 bus south towards Wandsworth.

CCTV pictures show him on the bus shortly after 1320, by now without the blue shirt but wearing a white vest.

Police think he got off the bus at the end of its route, near Mapleton Road, Wandsworth, at 1407.

A man being linked to the Shepherd's Bush attempted bombing was arrested in Rome on 29 July. He was named in an Italian court as Hussain Osman.

Police now believe there was a fifth bomb, found by a member of the public on 23 July, two days after the attempted bombings.

It had apparently been abandoned in an open area at Little Wormwood Scrubs, north of Shepherd's Bush.


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