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Last Updated: Monday, 25 July, 2005, 19:03 GMT 20:03 UK
Failed bomb attacks: What we know
The latest known about the attempts to detonate bombs on three London Tube trains and a bus on Thursday 21 July, following the release of CCTV pictures of the men police think are responsible.

All journeys all started between 12:20 and 12:25. Times approx.
1. OVAL: The first man got onto a Northern Line northbound train at Stockwell and attempted to set off a bomb between Stockwell and Oval at 1230 BST.
2. HACKNEY: The second man, identified by police as Muktar Said Ibrahim, or Muktar Mohammed Said, also started at Stockwell. At 1253 he got onto a Number 26 bus in the Bank area in the city carrying a bomb in a grey and black rucksack. He got off the bus in Hackney Road at 1306 BST. The driver heard a bang at 1330 BST.
3. WARREN STREET: A third man, identified by police as Yasin Hassan Omar, got on the Tube at Stockwell carrying a bomb in a purple rucksack. He later tried to set off the bomb on a northbound Victoria Line train between Oxford Circus and Warren Street. At 1240 BST he was seen without the rucksack in Warren Street Station.
4. SHEPHERD'S BUSH: The fourth man entered Westbourne Park Tube station and got on a train travelling towards Shepherd's Bush. At 1225 BST he tried to set off a bomb in his rucksack. It is thought he escaped by climbing through a window at the end of the carriage.


Emergency services were called to Warren Street station, on the Northern and Victoria lines, at 1245 BST on Thursday.

Witnesses heard a bang at the front of a northbound Victoria line train heading into the station, after which some passengers panicked. Armed police were deployed at nearby University College Hospital after a man was seen running there from the station.

A CCTV image released by police showed an image of a man in dark clothing leaving Warren Street station at 1239.


At 1230 BST on Thursday up to 30 passengers were evacuated from a train at the south London Tube station after reports of a bang and smoke. There was one report of a suspect trying to use a handgun to detonate explosives in a rucksack and several witnesses spoke of bystanders trying to tackle a man as he fled the station.

The CCTV image released by police in relation to the incident shows a man in a black sweater running in a passenger concourse at Oval at 1234. Police believe he had travelled to Oval on the northbound Northern Line from Stockwell.

His dark top with the words New York across the front was later found abandoned in Cowley Road in Brixton.

On Friday at around 1000 BST a man was shot dead at Stockwell Tube station by police hunting Thurday's bombers.

Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, was a Brazilian electrician unconnected to the incidents.

On Sunday Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair apologised to Mr Menezes' family, but admitted more people could be shot .


The west London station was evacuated at 1225 on Thursday after an attempt to set off an explosion on board a train. A witness spoke of hearing a bang like a "pistol going off", and seeing a fellow passenger lying on the floor on top of a smoking rucksack. The suspect walked off the train, leaving the rucksack behind, jumped on the rail tracks and walked away down the line.

The CCTV picture of the man wanted over the incident was taken at 1221 at Westbourne Park station, two stops north from Shepherd's Bush on the Hammersmith and City line, which runs on overground tracks at this point.


At around 1330 the driver of a double decker number 26 bus from Waterloo to Hackney Wick hears a bang followed by the smell of smoke. He brings his vehicle to a halt on Hackney Road and finds a rucksack has exploded, blowing out windows at the front of the top deck.

Police want to trace a man caught by the bus CCTV camera leaving the top deck at 1306. Wearing a grey T-shirt with what is thought to be a palm tree design, a dark jacket and a white baseball cap, he got off the bus on Hackney Road at approximately 1306.


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