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Asda launches 8p Valentine's card

The card comes in Asda's Smart Price range colours
The card comes in Asda's Smart Price range colours

A supermarket chain is selling 8p Valentine's cards to ensure even the most cost-conscious Casanovas will have "nowhere to hide".

Asda says the "economy" card - in the retailer's Smart Price range colours of black, white and red - is the cheapest on the market.

"Romance is not dead - it is being done on a shoestring," a spokeswoman said.

The card was launched after 30% of 2,000 people surveyed by Flora called Valentine's Day "too commercial".

"We have got all the luxury cards, chocs and flowers - but wanted to come up with something that gave the fellows absolutely nowhere to hide when it came to sending a Valentine's card," the spokeswoman added.

Small gestures

The Flora online "spread the love" survey, conducted in January by, indicates 72% of British people believe Valentine's Day has "lost that loving feeling".

It is "loved" by 8% - but 28% of those who do not like the day will buy a card anyway, the survey suggests.

Out of every 20 women, 19 prefer small gestures throughout the year to a Valentine's Day gift, it indicates.


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