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Last Updated: Friday, 29 July 2005, 11:18 GMT 12:18 UK
London alerts: At-a-glance
A timeline of events following the failed London bombings on 21 July.


1054: Investigators from the Independent Police Complaints Commission are at Stockwell Tube, seeking witnesses to the police shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes a week ago.

1004: West Midlands Police issue a statement defending their use of a Taser stun gun in the arrest of Yasin Hassan Omar in Birmingham.

0958: Independent Police Complaints Commission chairman Nick Hardwick says the Home Office should stop issuing "partial information" and "people" should "shut up" until his investigation into the police shooting of Mr Menezes establishes the facts.

0505: Edgware Road station opens for the first time since the 7 July bomb attacks.


2235: Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Iain Blair says West Midlands Police took an "incredible risk" using a stun gun on a suspected suicide bomber.

A Taser device was used during the arrest of the 21 July failed Tube bombing suspect Yasin Hassan Omar in Birmingham on Wednesday.

2230: BBC News reveals Muktar Said Ibrahim, suspected of leaving the explosive device on the back seat of a number 26 bus in Hackney on 21 July, failed to appear before magistrates on 19 January charged with a public order offence.

Horseferry Road Magistrates Court in central London was reportedly given an address in Farleigh Road, Stoke Newington, north London.

1739: Home Office officials say the student visa of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes had expired two years before he was shot by police.

His body is flown back to Brazil for a funeral in his home town.

1120: Police sources say no explosives were found in their raids on two addresses in Tooting.

1022: Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair says he is confident the bombers will be caught, but the failure of the 21 July attacks did not mean a weakening of their capability or resolve.

He acknowledges it is possible those at large "will strike again".

0738: British Transport Police confirm they are on high alert as of Thursday morning, although they say this is not in response to any specific information.

0735: Police confirm nine men have been arrested in raids on two addresses in Tooting, south London.

Six men were held at the first address and three at the second.

All nine men were arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 and taken to a central London police station for questioning.


2010: DAC Peter Clarke, head of the Met's Anti-Terrorist branch confirms a man they arrested in Birmingham is Yasin Hassan Omar, the man suspected of trying to blow up a Tube train near Warren Street station.

During the press conference, they also release a clearer photo of the man they suspect of trying to blow up the Hammersmith & City Line train near Shepherd's Bush.

He was on a Number 220 bus and got off in Wandsworth.

1800: Three women are arrested when police raid a ground floor flat at Blair House, 200 yards from Stockwell Tube station in south London.

Police said women from the Stockwell area were arrested on suspicion of harbouring offenders.

1750: Two men arrested at Grantham station on Tuesday night are released without charge.

1610: UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says he is "heartened" by the latest developments in the hunt for the London bombers.

1500: The BBC learns that one of the men arrested in Birmingham is bomb suspect Yasin Hassan Omar.

1440: Man held at Luton airport is freed after police verify his identity.

1430: Police search two properties in Enfield and Finchley, north London.

1400: Tony Blair welcomes a Spanish proposal of creating an "alliance of civilisations" between Western and Muslim countries in the fight against terror.

1300: A man is detained under the Terrorism Act at Luton Airport.

An air exclusion zone was imposed briefly over the airport. Bedfordshire Police said the arrested man had been due to fly with Ryanair to Nimes in France.

0430: Police investigating the 21 July bombings arrest four men at two addresses in Birmingham.

It later emerged that one of the men, who was wearing a rucksack, was held after being shot with a Taser stun gun in the Small Heath area of the city.

Sources later told the BBC they believed one of those arrested was one of the 21 July bombers, Yasin Hassan Omar.


2300: Police arrest two men under the Prevention of Terrorism Act at Grantham railway station in Lincolnshire. They were en route from Newcastle to King's Cross in London.

1607: The family of Muktar Said Ibrahim issue a statement in which they say they were shocked when he was named as the suspected would-be bomber of the No 26 bus in Hackney Road. They said they had not seen him for some months and had immediately given statements to police.

1402: Police close a road in East Finchley, north London, and cordon off a white VW Golf. It is believed a bomb suspect may have used the car.

1340: A large amount of "possible" explosives are found at the home in a block of flats in New Southgate, north London, of bomb suspect Yasin Hassan Omar.


1452: Police say the device found at Little Wormwood Scrubs was a bomb similar to those used by the failed bombers. They release details of the plastic boxes used to contain all five devices.

They name two of the suspected failed bombers as Muktar Said Ibrahim, also known as Muktar Mohammed Said, and Yasin Hassan Omar.

1355: Police say they have raided a property in Ladderwood Road, north London, but have made no arrests.

0419: Senior police officers say they believe the failed suicide bombers are still in Britain and may be preparing to strike again.


1850: Detectives are given extra time to question two men arrested in Stockwell on Friday in connection with Thursday's failed attacks.

1810: Police have arrested a third man under the Terrorism Act, in Tulse Hill, south London, they reveal.

1620: Home Secretary Charles Clarke expresses his regret over the shooting.

1600: Families of bomb victims visit the sites of the blasts and lay flowers.

1500: Senior Met police commissioner Brian Paddick meets community leaders in south London.

1400: Foreign Secretary Jack Straw defends police guidelines on the use of firearms.

1220: Police say they have carried out a controlled explosion on the item found in Little Wormwood Scrubs, north-west London.

1130: A vigil is held at Stockwell station for Mr Menezes, as the Brazilian foreign minister speaks of his shock.

1100: Families of the victims of the 7 July attacks gather at the scenes to pay tribute to their loved ones.

1010: Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Ian Blair apologises to the family of Mr Menezes.

0400: The family of Mr Menezes ask for his body to be returned to Brazil.

0330: Muslim leaders call for a review of police policy in apprehending suspects.

0230: The cousin of Mr Menezes, shot dead by police in Stockwell, says he had "nothing to hide to anyone".


2138: Police confirm the name of the man shot dead as Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, a Brazilian working as an electrician in London.

2025:A potential link between those behind the attempted terror attacks in London and a whitewater rafting trip in North Wales attended by two of the 7 July bombers is being investigated by police.

2000: Police confirm a suspicious package found by a member of the public in Little Wormwood Scrubs, north-west London, may be connected to the failed bomb attacks on Thursday.

1815: Police launch a raid on a house in Streatham Hill, south London.

1645: The man shot dead by police at Stockwell Tube station on Friday was not connected to the terror inquiry, the Met confirms. It expresses its regret at the incident.

1508: Transport for London say the train at Shepherd's Bush station has been moved.

1200: Police reveal that 400 people have responded to Friday's CCTV appeal.

1130: Mile End station is reopened as Scotland Yard explain the incident was "nothing".

1115: Police respond to a security alert at Mile End station, where one eyewitness reports a smell of burning.

1050: Stockwell and Warren Street Tube stations reopened.

0950: Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair repeats his call for Londoners to be vigilant.

0840: Scotland Yard says a second man has been arrested in Stockwell, south London, in connection with Thursday's attacks.


2040: West Midlands Police say the man arrested at Snow Hill Station in Birmingham will not be facing any charges.

2012: Army bomb disposal team leave Birmingham's Snow Hill Station, which reopens.

1908: Police in Birmingham say they have arrested a man under anti-terror laws at Snow Hill railway station, after a security alert.

They say he was carrying two suitcases, which are being dealt with by explosives officers.

1854: Police say the man shot at Stockwell had been followed by surveillance officers because he had emerged from a house linked to the investigation into Thursday's blasts.

They say the man is still subject to formal identification.

1810: Scotland Yard says one man has been arrested at an address in Stockwell, south London, in connection with the London bombings.

1805: Snow Hill Station in Birmingham is evacuated and cordoned off.

1720: US President George Bush offers his support to the UK, adding: "I'm confident, like our country, the citizens of that country will not be intimidated by thugs and assassins."

1700: Police sources say the man shot at Stockwell was not one of the four men whose photos were released earlier in connection with Thursday's blasts.

1600: London Mayor Ken Livingstone says Londoners have to "be vigilant in every aspect of our lives", not just on the transport system.

He says Londoners carried on during the war and during the IRA bombing campaigns and "we will not allow another manifestation of terror to stop us today".

1535: Police issue CCTV images of four men they "urgently need to trace" in connection with Thursday's failed bomb attacks.

Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman says it appears the devices consisted of home-made explosives.

He urges anyone with information on the men to call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

Mr Hayman says police are entering two other addresses - as well as the property on Harrow Road - in connection with the investigation.

1532: Police lift the cordon at Harrow Road in west London.

1531: Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair describes the investigation into the London bombings as "the greatest operational challenge ever faced" by the Met.

He says officers are facing "previously unknown threats" and appeals for calm, urging the public to listen to the facts as they emerge.

Sir Ian says the operation is targeted against criminals not any section of the community.

He confirms the shooting in Stockwell was "directly linked to the ongoing and expanding anti-terrorist operation".

He says the man was challenged and refused to obey police instructions.

1530: The Metropolitan Police begins a news conference on the incidents in London.

1505: An eyewitness at Harrow Road tells the BBC she believes she earlier heard six shots at the scene.

1459: Scotland Yard confirms detectives investigating Thursday's bombings are searching an address in the Harrow Road area of West Kilburn.

It says armed officers are there as a precaution and no arrests have been made.

1450: A BBC correspondent says more armed police officers have arrived at the scene near Harrow Road in west London. He says a police dog is also present.

1425: A resident of Portnall Road, near Harrow Road in west London, tells the BBC police have told residents to stay indoors.

He says there is a large police presence, which includes armed officers.

1420: Police further delay a media conference, rescheduling it for 1530 BST.

1347: The Metropolitan Police delays a media conference on the latest incidents - scheduled for 1330 - to 1445 BST, due to ongoing operations.

1340: Police cordon off an area near Harrow Road, in west London. It is unclear if the incident - which police describe as ongoing - is related to Thursday's bombings.

Graphic showing sequence of events at Stockwell Tube station
1: Jean Charles de Menezes leaves a house under surveillance in south London and arrives at Stockwell station
2: Witnesses say he vaults the automatic ticket barriers and heads for the platforms
3: He then ran down an escalator after being approached by up to 20 plain-clothed police officers and tried to board a train
4: He apparently refuses to obey police instructions and after running onto a northbound Northern line train, he is shot dead

1319: Labour MP for Vauxhall Kate Hoey says she believes police acted with the best interests of the public in mind when they shot a man dead in Stockwell, which lies within her constituency.

1300: The Muslim Council of Britain calls for the police to explain why the man at Stockwell Station - described as Asian in appearance - was shot dead.

A spokesman says Muslims are concerned police may have a "shoot to kill" policy in force.

1220: Northern Line services resume, excluding the Kennington to Morden segment. Victoria Line trains also return to service, but no trains are stopping at Stockwell.

1218: The Rail Maritime and Transport union calls for improvements in training and safety measures for London Underground drivers, because of the terrorism threat.

Union representatives are due to meet London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

1150: Scotland Yard confirms that the man shot at Stockwell Station, in south London, died at the scene.

1135: Police lift the cordon at the East London mosque, saying the incident is over.

1130: Trustees of the East London mosque tell the BBC there was a bomb scare at the building, at 1100, and police have been searching the premises.

1100: Armed police reported to have surrounded a mosque in East London and told local residents to stay indoors.

1054: Police confirm armed police shot a man on a Northern Line train at Stockwell Station.

Police cordon off a 200-metre area around the station and services are suspended on the Victoria and Northern lines.

1040: The Number 26 bus is removed from the scene of Thursday's blast in Hackney.

1030: Reports that police shot a man - possibly one of the suspects from Thursday's blasts - five times at Stockwell Station, after pursuing him from street level.

1000: Passengers evacuated from Northern Line train at Stockwell Station, after hearing shots fired. The station is closed.

Map showing areas of London affected
Little Wormwood Scrubs: Controlled explosion on suspect package found in bushes.
Stockwell: Police shoot man at Tube station at about 1000 BST. Full details above.
Shepherd's Bush: Reports of small explosion. Eyewitnesses report seeing man run from scene. Large area cordoned off, some road closures still in place. Tube station (Hammersmith & City) still closed.
Oval: Man runs off train after a small bang as train reaches station, eyewitnesses reportedly say. Large area cordoned off, now reopened. Tube station still closed.
Warren Street: Witnesses report hearing bang at front of train, passengers running to back of train and evacuating at station. Large area cordoned off. Roads now reopened but pavements still closed. Tube station still closed.
Hackney Road: Explosion on the top deck of number 26 bus travelling from Waterloo to Hackney. Large area cordoned off. Hackney Road remains closed.
University College Hospital: Armed police officers deployed for "incident", thought to be search for suspect. Large area cordoned off. Incident briefly "stood down" but police returned later to search premises, sealing off three rooms.
Arrests: Two men arrested and being questioned
Tube closures: Hammersmith & City line open between Hammersmith and Paddington, Piccadilly line closed between Arnos Grove and Hyde Park Corner, and between Uxbridge and Rayners Lane. Circle line remains closed due to the 7 July attacks, as do parts of the District and Metropolitan lines.


0444: The man arrested in Whitehall, close to Downing Street, has been released without charge, police say.

0040: The man arrested in Tottenham Court Road has been released without charge, police say.

2244: Police say two men are being questioned in custody. One of them - the man arrested in Whitehall, close to Downing Street, earlier - is not thought to be directly linked to the attempted bombings.

The other was arrested in Tottenham Court Road, central London. Police say it is not clear if he has any link to the blasts.

2049: Police say they now believe two people detained at gunpoint near University College Hospital were unconnected with the attempted bombings incidents and both have been released. They say there have been no arrests in connection with Thursday's incidents.

1940: The RMT union's security meeting is told the Oval suspect used handgun to try and detonate backpack, BBC London transport correspondent Andrew Winstanley says.

1758: Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, says space limitations and the number of people using the Underground make airport-style security checks difficult.

1755: Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair says the arrest of a man outside 10 Downing Street appears "entirely unconnected" to the transport system incidents.

1750: Sir Ian says London is "back to business". He says it will take "a little bit longer" to determine whether there is a connection between the incidents on Thursday and those of 7 July - but adds that the intention on Thursday "must have been to kill".

1630: Armed police return to University College Hospital to search the premises.

1620: Two people are detained, police say. A police source says officers are looking for an unknown number of fugitives.

1610: No traces of chemical agents are found at any of the incident sites, police say.

1559: Incident at University College Hospital is "stood down", Scotland Yard announces.

1547: Prime Minister Tony Blair says incidents such as Thursday's are designed to frighten people, adding: "We've just got to react calmly and continue with our business - as much as possible - as normal."

1545: Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair says the situation is "fully under control". He says there is no indication of chemical or other unconventional attack, and that there has been only one casualty - not a fatality. He adds that the blasts appear to have been nearly simultaneous.

1525: Armed police arrest a man outside the gates of Prime Minister Tony Blair's 10 Downing Street offices.

1522: Police say no trace of chemical agents is found at Warren Street station following tests.

1503: Police appeal for anyone with photos or mobile phone images from the incident scenes to send them to www.police.uk.

1443: Police ask people to remain at work or at home.

1430: UK Government's emergency-response team Cobra meets at Downing Street, with Prime Minister Tony Blair, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair attending.

1428: Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair says Thursday's incidents are "clearly very serious" but that the explosions were smaller than those which killed at least 56 people two weeks ago. He says the transport system will close down "for a short while".

1426: Police in protective gear are deployed to Warren Street station.

1413: Prime Minister Tony Blair postpones a visit to a school in east London and a photo call with visiting Prime Minister John Howard of Australia, a spokesman says.

1411: Police cordon off a large area around University College Hospital, which is near Warren Street station.

1401: A White House spokesman says the US is "monitoring the situation closely".

1354: Police say they are not treating the evacuations as a "major incident yet".

1345: Transport for London imposes a Code Amber on all affected Tube lines - meaning all passengers are immediately taken off trains at stations and moved above ground.

1340: Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, cancels an engagement because of the incident on the Underground, a spokeswoman says.

1330: Police respond to reports of an explosion on a Number 26 bus in Bethnal Green, east London. There are no injuries.

1325: London Underground announces services suspended on three lines: Victoria, Northern and Hammersmith & City.

1321: Fire service says smoke seen coming from Warren Street Tube station.

1320: The pound sterling falls against other currencies as word of the incidents hits the markets. The index of leading shares on London's stock exchange also falls.

1245: Ambulance services are called to the Warren Street station on the Northern and Victoria lines. The station is evacuated.

1230: Ambulance services are called to the Oval Underground station on the Northern Line. The station is evacuated.

1225: Shepherd's Bush Underground station on the Hammersmith and City line is evacuated.


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