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Last Updated: Saturday, 4 February 2006, 00:20 GMT
Confectionery to get healthy logo
Dairy Milk chocolate bar:  (Photo: Cadbury Schweppes)
Chocolate bars will display the "Be treatwise" logo
Two confectionery giants are putting labels on their products to explain the role of "treats" in a balanced diet.

The makers of Cadbury's and Mars chocolate say the logos will keep shoppers better informed.

The move is part of the "Be Treatwise" campaign, launched by the Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery Association (BCCCA).

Chocolate bars will display a logo saying "Be treatwise, get to know your GDA (guideline daily amount)".

Millions of confectionery and chocolate packs will carry the labels, with some containing a "healthy lifestyle" message such as "Be active for 30 minutes".

A website based around the campaign also includes tips for consumers, including "Treats and snacks can be a part of healthy balanced diet" and "Being active doesn't have to mean sweating at the gym".

Penny Hawley, director general of the BCCCA said the scheme aimed to highlight the need for people to take regular activity to stay healthy.

"People understand that chocolate and sweets are treats which can and should be enjoyed in the context of everything people eat and do," she said.

Cadbury's explains the reasoning behind the labels

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