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Burns mask photo woman improving
Davinia Turrell was aided by passer-by Paul Dadge
Davinia was helped from the bomb scene by volunteer Paul Dadge
A survivor of the London attacks whose picture has become a symbol of the bombings is said to be recovering well.

Davinia Turrell, 24, was photographed clutching a surgical burns mask to her face as she fled the bombing near Edgware Road Tube station on Thursday.

Her sister, Louise Wells, 29, says she is now making a "dramatic improvement".

"She has started to laugh and joke again. She is a very kind person, caring and constantly worried about other people," she added.

"She's more worried about the other people in the accident than herself."

Survivor's support

Paddington rail crash survivor Pam Warren has offered to meet and comfort Miss Turrell.

She suffered severe hand and facial burns in the October 1999 crash, which killed 31 people, and had to wear a face mask for 15 months.

She said Miss Turrell, who suffered burns to the left side of her face, must stay "strong and positive".

Davinia Turrell. Picture from Success Photography
She's more worried about the other people in the accident than herself
Louise Wells
Davinia Turrell's sister

"My heart goes out to all those recovering from their injuries," she said. "I know what Davinia and the others are going through. I would not want anyone to go through all that."

Mrs Wells said Davinia had been on her way to work at the time of the blast.

She said her sister, a non-practising barrister, who graduated with a first in taxation and law from Bournemouth University, had been working near Paddington as a corporate tax trainee.

On the day of the attacks she had been planning a half day and was going to pick up a new car in the afternoon.

However, Mrs Wells said her family had not spoken to Davinia in detail about the attack.

'Ball of fire'

"She remembers a blast and a ball of fire, but that is all she remembers," she said at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

"One of the things we are trying not to do is to make her upset, we are not asking her what she remembers, we ask her how she feels in herself, and she is very positive."

Describing her sister's burns, Mrs Wells said: "A lot of them are superficial. There are a lot more people out there who have suffered a lot more than Davinia.

"She has only had one operation - on the Friday evening when she came here. Ever since then she has been making a dramatic improvement.

"It is really nice to have these guys (the hospital) who are working so hard, not just for Davinia but for everybody who is here. They have been fantastic."

She was really brave. A lot of people were complaining about their burns but she didn't
Paul Dadge
Former firefighter

Mrs Wells also praised the quick-thinking of former firefighter Paul Dadge, 28, who was pictured helping Davinia to safety after spotting her standing alone on a street corner.

"Davinia would like to thank him a lot and not just that, we would like to thank him, my dad, myself - he is a fantastic guy," Mrs Wells said.

"I would like to thank him for calming her down and keeping her calm. He was amazing. "

Mr Dadge said: "She was really brave. A lot of people were complaining about their burns but she didn't.

"I'd love to get in touch with her and find out how she is. I just hope that she's OK."

It has also emerged that Miss Turrell's mother Sharon recently died after a long illness.

Her father, David, told the Daily Mail: "I lost my wife last month and now this has happened to my daughter."

He lives in Little Burstead near Billericay in Essex, where both Davinia and her sister grew up.

Watch the interview with Davinia Turrell's sister


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