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Last Updated: Monday, 11 July, 2005, 12:23 GMT 13:23 UK
I'm lucky to be here, says driver
Tube driver Jeff Porter
Jeff Porter says he was lucky the bomb did not explode seconds later
A Tube driver whose train was caught in the blast of the Edgware Road bombing says he feels like the "luckiest man alive" after surviving the attack.

Jeff Porter's Circle Line train was hit by the blast that tore through a westbound Tube heading to Paddington, killing seven people.

He said he saw a bright flash but did not hear the explosion as it shattered his cab windscreen.

If it had happened seconds later, his passengers could have died, he said.

"I was coming into Edgware Road station, as I do every morning," said Mr Porter, who has driven a Tube for 18 years.

"There was a train at the platform in front of me, coming the other way. As the driver's cab was just passing mine, I saw a bright yellow light on the train on the other side.

If it had been a second later that the explosion happened, I wouldn't be here
Jeff Porter
Tube driver

"It was like it happened in slow motion in my mind. As the other train passed me, my windscreen shattered.

"There was smoke and dust everywhere. I was confused and just wondered what had happened. I didn't hear a bang or a boom."

Despite the confusion, Mr Porter, 46, quickly began to take his passengers to safety.

He checked that the electricity had been cut to the track before bringing his passengers forward so they could escape from his cab.

As he did so, paramedics began to reach victims in the bombed train, but he focused on helping his passengers.

On a mobile phone video recording taken by one commuter, Mr Porter can be heard telling people to "stay calm" as he walks through the train.

He added: "The training kicked in straight away to know what to do to get the train evacuated and to look after these 1,000 passengers.

"I must be the luckiest man alive. If it had been a second later that the explosion happened, I wouldn't be here.

"We were so lucky the blast happened when it did and not one to 10 seconds afterwards because the casualty numbers would have doubled."

Jeff Porter describes his rescue efforts at Edgware Road


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