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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 February 2006, 13:22 GMT
MoD dismisses Harry Iraq reports
Prince Harry on exercise
Prince Harry has been training at Sandhurst Military Academy
The Ministry of Defence has dismissed media reports saying Prince Harry will be sent to Iraq next year.

The London Evening Standard quoted defence sources as saying he would serve there as a troop commander in the Blues and Royals regiment.

But the MoD said the report was "complete speculation" as no Iraq deployments had been set beyond 1 May.

Prince Harry is to join the Blues and Royals regiment of the Household Cavalry when he leaves Sandhurst.

He is due to complete his Army officer training in April, and will then undergo specialist training, joining the regiment in September.


The MoD said in a statement: "No specific units have been tasked for deployment beyond that point [1May]."

"It is, therefore, complete speculation that elements of the Household Cavalry regiment (which includes Lifeguards and Blues and Royals) will be deploying to Basra, let alone that a company in which Prince Harry is involved will be going.

"There is a rumour that the Household Cavalry are to go to Basra, but no decision has been made."

The Household Cavalry recently had squadrons on operational duty with the UN and Nato in Bosnia and Kosovo, and is expected to return to Iraq.

When Clarence House announced Harry's regiment, the MoD said Harry could be sent to Iraq.

An MoD spokesman said last month: "It's fair to say that if his squadron goes to Iraq, he will probably go with it."

Harry's further training - to become a troop leader - will take place in Dorset.


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