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Last Updated: Saturday, 9 July, 2005, 16:16 GMT 17:16 UK
Burns mask photo woman 'stable'
Paul Dadge and Davinia
Paul Dadge helped Davinia from the bomb scene at Edgware Road
The bomb blast survivor, whose photograph symbolised the day when London commuters faced terror attacks, is being treated in hospital for burns.

So far only identified as Davinia, the woman had been pictured holding a burns mask, being helped to safety by passer-by Paul Dadge.

Mr Dadge had appealed for further information about her condition.

He has now been told that she is in a stable condition in a hospital burns unit - and is "resting quietly".

The photograph of Davinia was taken as she left the scene of the bomb attack at Edgware Road underground station - with Mr Dadge, a former fireman, helping her to safety.


The image of the victim, wearing a surgical burns mask, being helped by Mr Dadge, was seen on front pages as an example of the horror of the attack and the readiness of people to help one another.

Paul Dadge
She was really brave. A lot of people were complaining about their burns but she didn't
Paul Dadge describes bomb survivor Davinia

A statement issued by Davinia's family has thanked the efforts of emergency services and for the support of well-wishers - but has also asked for privacy.

"We would like to thank everyone for the concern that they have shown for Davinia and thank all those who helped both Davinia and ourselves through this time of crisis," said the statement.

"It has meant a lot to Davinia that we can take solace in all the support and encouragement that has been offered."

Describing the injuries that he had seen, Mr Dadge said that Davinia had "serious burns to the right side of her face and left leg and her tights had been badly burned. She had lacerations to her head, and we managed to find a gel pack for her face".

"I helped her across the road to a hotel where they had set up a casualty centre.

"She was really brave. A lot of people were complaining about their burns but she didn't," said Mr Dadge.

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