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Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 January 2006, 07:21 GMT
Fallout from health plans debated
Mastheads of the national newspapers
Pictures of Tony Blair taking a lung test accompany debate over ministers' health plans in Tuesday's papers.

The Sun says the prime minister looks like he's blowing his own trumpet. It suggests that plans for the so-called health MOTs are a lot of hot air.

The Times takes a similar line. Forcing fit people to see a doctor is not the answer, it says.

The Guardian, though, says "few would contest" the change of direction

signalled in the government proposals.

Bush's world

Global warming and US politics are the wider issues tackled by the papers.

The Guardian says ministers cannot agree on what targets they should set for the reduction of carbon emissions.

They are frustrated, says the paper, because the delay in setting a new target makes it even more unlikely that the government will meet it.

Meanwhile, the Independent paints a damning picture of what it calls the "world according to George Bush" ahead of his State of the Union address.


Some of the papers continue to heap pressure on Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

"Blundering, arrogant and out of touch - he must go," the Daily Mirror says.

The shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and comments about the Soham murders caused 140 senior figures to consider mounting a coup, the paper says.

The Daily Mail's Richard Littlejohn says we need chief constables who believe in "nicking villains, not playing politics".

Pope's Miracle

The possibility of Pope John Paul II being made into a saint has come one step closer, according to the papers.

The Independent believes the Vatican might have found the miracle it needs to beatify the late pontiff.

A French nun was apparently cured of Parkinson's Disease after praying to him, the paper says.

The Daily Express quotes Polish priest Slawomir Oder as saying: "Now she has been cured, doctors have been unable to provide a medical reason".

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