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Last Updated: Sunday, 29 January 2006, 18:43 GMT
King abuse case 'to be reviewed'
Jonathan King
King says he was not in London for one of the assaults
Convicted sex offender and former pop mogul Jonathan King is to have his case reviewed, he has said.

The Criminal Cases Review Commission will reopen the inquiry into the safety of his conviction.

King, 61, was freed from jail in March after serving half of a seven-year jail term for sexually abusing five boys between 1983 and 1989 in London.

In a statement he said he was in New York in 1985 when one of the crimes he was convicted for was committed.

The former Genesis producer has always protested his innocence, saying he was a victim of his celebrity status.

During his 2001 Old Bailey trial, prosecutor David Jeremy told the court that the Cambridge-educated impresario had "exploited his celebrity" to seduce boys.

He lured them to his mews home in Queensborough Studios, Bayswater, London, gave them alcohol and showed them pornography before sexually preying on them.

'Dates changed'

The CCRC, the body set up by the government to investigate miscarriages of justice, has agreed to review the case in the light of fresh evidence submitted by King's lawyers.

About 5% of cases dealt with by the CCRC are sent to the appeal courts, two-thirds of which lead to an acquittal.

The jury did not hear this critical evidence. Nor did they hear my defence to the other charges for which the dates were changed
Jonathan King

King claims he was in New York in September 1985, when the prosecution at his trial alleged he committed one of the crimes for which he was convicted.

He claims he was not able to bring this evidence forward at the time because the date of the alleged offences were changed on the charge sheet at the end of the trial after the defence case had finished.

In a statement released through his lawyers, King said: "Since being released, I have been able, with great difficulty, to assemble evidence which proves that I was in New York on the very day I was supposedly indecently assaulting a youth in my house in London.

"The jury did not hear this critical evidence. Nor did they hear my defence to the other charges for which the dates were changed."

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