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Euro lottery rolls over to 125m
Lizzie Jagger promoting EuroMillions
Model Lizzie Jagger promoted the draw to UK players
The EuroMillions draw has rolled over for a tenth week, leaving an estimated record jackpot of 125m (183m euros) next week, UK organiser Camelot says.

The winning numbers were announced as 9, 15, 21, 40, 49. The Lucky Star numbers were 1 and 4.

Massive sales for Friday's draw, played in nine European countries, had boosted the prize money to 105m (153m euros).

It had been 100m but rose as ticket sales in the UK alone were 1,000% higher than usual, said Camelot.

Record pay-out

The competition has not seen a jackpot winner since early November and if the prize is not won by Friday 10 February, the money will be distributed among any winners in the next winning prize tier in that draw.

The 105m jackpot would have been world's biggest single lottery pay-out if just one player had won it.

Camelot said past jackpots in US lotteries had been higher than 100m, but the winners chose a reduced one-off lump sum payment instead of having the full amount paid in instalments.

A spokesman said: "Even though no-one scooped the jackpot, UK players have won a total of 16m worth of prizes ranging from 9.51 to 657,741, plus even more money has been raised for the Good Causes.

"In this roll series alone, EuroMillions has raised 40m for the Good Causes here in the UK."

79m winner

The EuroMillions draw, which took place in Paris on Friday, was also open to players in Austria, Belgium, France, the Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Winners must match five main numbers from one to 50 plus two Lucky Star numbers from one to nine to win the jackpot.

The top EuroMillions winner to date is Dolores McNamara, from Limerick, who scooped 79m last July.

The UK's top jackpot winner is Marion Richardson, from Gateshead, who won 16.7m on 9 April, 2004, two months after the game was launched.

Tickets for the draw cost 1.50 in the UK.

First UK win on Euro lottery draw
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