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UK interactive panel: Georgina Grant

Georgina Grant
Name: Georgina Grant
Age: 62
Lives: Guildford
Works: Communications officer
In 10 words or less:
"A grandmother who values family life, employed, but approaching retirement"

I do not believe the G8 summit will actually make any significant inroads into alleviating the plight of African people.

Debt relief might be a step forward, particularly when tied into conditions to promote good governance, but the fact remains that corruption is still rife.

What needs to be tackled is how directly to achieve realistic employment for the African population when they lack basic infrastructure, schooling and water supplies.

Their agriculture is at the mercy of climate change and with disease widespread, the developed world robs them of their qualified medical staff for inexpensive labour.

Protest movements do raise awareness and put issues on the political agenda. However, there has to be a will and a way forward.

Many people in the developed world do not practise what they preach. By wasting resources, they add to environmental change.

For example, we should bear in mind that trade and tourism also bring a demand for transportation, which in turn uses fuel.

I think the purpose of the G8 conference firstly should be to tackle global warming. Everyone's future is at risk until this is done.

As Britain has the presidency, it could put this top of the agenda, seeking commitment from the G8 nations that they will do all in their means to educate their own populations to waste less of the world's resources.

However, as industrial nations such as India and China are not included in this summit they too should be invited to contribute to a global agreement.

World terrorism also seems to have dropped off the agenda. I think this should have been included as it is still such an important matter which is far from being resolved.

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