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Last Updated: Monday, 4 July, 2005, 09:56 GMT 10:56 UK
Lineker-Kewell libel case settled
Gary Lineker
Gary Lineker was accused of libelling Harry Kewell
England football legend Gary Lineker and Liverpool star Harry Kewell have settled their High Court libel case, lawyers have confirmed.

It comes after a jury last month failed to decide if comments made by TV host Lineker in a newspaper about Kewell's transfer from Leeds were defamatory.

Kewell, 26, had sought damages for the "hurtful and humiliating attack" in a July 2003 Sunday Telegraph column.

The terms of the settlement, reached on Friday, have not been revealed.

During a seven-day trial in June, Australian international Kewell claimed Lineker, 44, had accused him of being a fool and implied he was guilty of dishonourable conduct over his transfer to Liverpool in 2003.

Kewell's solicitor, Chris Farnell, said: "Parties have come to an agreement and they won't be seeking a new trial.

"We don't intend to comment on the terms of the settlement."

He declined to confirm whether any liability had been admitted by Lineker.

The newspaper's sports editor Jon Ryan and the Telegraph Group Ltd faced the same charge.

The defendants pleaded not guilty to libel and argued the remarks made in the column were fair comment.

The jury was discharged after the six men and six women failed to reach a verdict.



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