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Menezes family angry over report
Image of Jean Charles de Menezes
The family of Jean Charles de Menezes wants more information
The family of the man shot dead by police who mistook him for a suicide bomber say they are being "kept in the dark" over a report into his death.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission report into the Tube killing of Jean Charles de Menezes has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The CPS will decide whether to charge any officers. But the family are angry they have not seen the report.

The 27-year-old man died the day after the failed 21 July bombings in London.

The IPCC investigation was launched after the electrician, from Gonzaga in south-eastern Brazil, was shot seven times in the head at Stockwell Tube station, in south London.

Real justice can only be found in a court of law
Menezes family statement

"We think it's unacceptable that yet again the victims in this tragedy are the last to know," said the family in a statement.

They went on to call for "those responsible" to face "real justice" in a court of law.

"Everything we have learned over the last few months has strengthened our conviction that those responsible should be prosecuted.

"Real justice can only be found in a court of law."


The home secretary will see the report because of the "grave and exceptional" circumstances, the IPCC said.

It said in a statement it had the discretion to provide the home secretary with the copy of a report in such cases.

The file will now be reviewed by a senior lawyer from our Special Crime Division and a decision will be notified to the IPCC in due course
CPS statement

A copy will also be sent to Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Police Authority and Inner South London coroner John Sampson.

Mr Menezes' family will receive a copy when "legal considerations" allow, the IPCC added.

The report will not be made public until any trial or inquest arising from the case has been completed, but IPCC sources told the BBC all officers interviewed by them over the shooting remained under investigation.

A CPS spokeswoman said the case was being treated as a priority, but there was no timetable on when a decision would be made.

"We will review it as quickly as possible but the most important fact is that it is reviewed thoroughly."

Menezes family
Mr Menezes' family has called for prosecutions

On 22 July, the day Mr Menezes was killed, police and soldiers had been watching the block of flats where the electrician lived.

They believed a man suspected of the previous day's attempted attacks lived there.

A soldier saw Mr Menezes leave his flat and thought he resembled the suspect. He suggested it was "worth somebody else having a look".

The IPCC, which hand-delivered its report in two boxes to the CPS on Thursday, has focused on how this vague identification led to Mr Menezes being shot dead on the Tube.

It is known the IPCC has identified "serious communication problems" on the day of the shooting, said BBC home affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford.

The IPCC inquiry has interviewed a number of Metropolitan police officers of all ranks over Mr Menezes' death, but the head of the force, Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, was not among them.

A separate IPCC investigation is being held into Sir Ian's handling of the affair.

Eyewitness evidence from the Menezes report

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