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Last Updated: Monday, 27 June 2005, 00:49 GMT 01:49 UK
Trafalgar mock-up 'pretty stupid'
Descendants of Nelson on board HMS Victory
Descendants of the crew of HMS Victory on board the ship

Lord Nelson's closest living relative has fired a shot across the bows of the Trafalgar 200 celebrations, labelling some of them as "pretty stupid".

Anna Tribe, 75 and the great, great, great granddaughter of the admiral, criticised a mock-up of the 1805 sea battle as "politically correct".

Tuesday's re-enactment in the Solent will pit reds against blues, not British against French and Spanish.

The organisers said they were not attempting to re-create Trafalgar.

Second Sea Lord, Vice Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent, said the event was "a celebration of a battle at sea at the time of Nelson - not an exact mock-up of the British and French at Trafalgar".

'We won'

A fleet of 17 ships from five nations will take part in the re-enactment, off Southsea, Hampshire, after the international fleet review.

But Mrs Tribe, from Monmouthshire, said: "The idea of the blue team fighting the red team is pretty stupid.

"I am sure the French and Spanish are adult enough to appreciate we did win that battle."

Anna Tribe
I am sure the French and Spanish are adult enough to appreciate we did win that battle
Anna Tribe

She said such "political correctness" would "make fools of us".

Mrs Tribe was one of around 200 descendants of officers and sailors who fought in the battle on 21 October, 1805, who gathered in Portsmouth as part of the anniversary celebrations.

The unique gathering was held at Portsmouth Naval Base, where Nelson's flagship the HMS Victory is preserved for posterity.

The descendants travelled from as far afield as Australia, Canada and the Middle East as well as from all over the UK.

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