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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 January 2006, 13:05 GMT
'Infamous' subways to be scrapped
The subways were criticised for attracting crime
"Infamous and intimidating" subways in south London are to be revamped, a council has announced.

Work on the underground walkways in part of Elephant and Castle, south London, will begin in June.

They will be blocked up and replaced with street-level pathways by 2007 as part of a 1.5bn regeneration plan.

Last year a man was detained under the Mental Health Act for trying to rape a young woman in the subway after a violent struggle.

They have been a real blight on the area
Chris Horn
Regeneration director

The nearby St Mary's Churchyard will be upgraded and re-instated as a town park, and will include children's play equipment.

The entire gyratory road system will eventually be re-routed under the plans, which include razing the red shopping centre and five 12-storey blocks of flats.

Chris Horn, director of the regeneration project, said making the area more pedestrian-friendly was just the first step in the 170-acre redevelopment.

"This is exactly what local people have been asking for," he said.

"It will be fantastic when these intimidating subways are a thing of the past because they have been a real blight on the area."

Massive revamp for the Elephant
20 Feb 04 |  London


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