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Last Updated: Sunday, 26 June, 2005, 05:06 GMT 06:06 UK
Iran elections cause bemusement
Friday's front pages

Sunday's papers are bemused at the people of Iran's choice of leader.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does not even feature in the most recent edition of the country's political Who's Who, according to the Observer.

The Sunday Times charts his rise from governor of an obscure province to president in just two years.

The Mail on Sunday says Iran has set a "collision course" with the West, while the Sunday Express says the election has set alarm bells ringing in the US.

'Unworkable and expensive'

As MPs prepare to consider ID card proposals this week, the Sunday Times predicts spiralling costs may force ministers to water down the scheme.

The paper believes that, rather than expensive fingerprinting and iris scanning, a cheaper "chip and pin system" could be introduced.

Labour MP John McDonnell tells the Observer that the scheme is "like the poll tax and the Dome rolled into one".

It is "unworkable like the poll tax and massively expensive like the Dome".

Re-writing history

The Independent on Sunday has news of a discovery which it says could result in Britain's history being re-written.

Archaeologists have unearthed weapons in Chichester which apparently pre-date by 50 years the accepted date of the Roman invasion of Britain.

In Sussex and Hampshire, they were in togas and speaking Latin, five decades before everyone else, one expert tells the paper.

Another likens the find to discovering that World War II started in 1938.

Filthy, aching, tired

Shivering half-naked people, looking like survivors of a disaster, chased after tents against a background of apocalyptic thumping.

This was the Glastonbury festival according to the Sunday Telegraph.

I'm filthy, aching, tired... and loving it all, is the verdict of the Daily Star on Sunday's reporter at the scene.

But the Sunday Times says Glastonbury has lost its cutting edge. The festival is now far less counter-cultural than Glyndebourne or Henley, the paper says.

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