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Last Updated: Monday, 16 January 2006, 08:30 GMT
Air rage grounds 200 passengers
Arrest on board plane
The passenger was escorted from the plane by police
A British airliner which had to make a forced landing in Florida when a passenger allegedly became violent and abusive has landed back in the UK.

The Thomsonfly plane from Cancun in Mexico to Manchester was diverted to Sanford Airport in Orlando following the disturbance on board.

The FBI said a man it named as Rafal Krawczyk, aged 32, had been charged with "interfering with" flight crew.

The plane later resumed its journey and flew into Birmingham airport.

Flight BY437B, which had 232 passengers, had originally been due to stop at Birmingham and Manchester but ended its journey at Birmingham.

Those who needed to travel to Manchester were taken by bus.

Due in court

The FBI named the passenger involved as Rafal Krawczyk, from Belfast, who has a Polish passport and was born in 1973.

It said he had assaulted three flight attendants and several passengers were needed to restrain him and confirmed he had been charged with "interfering with a flight crew".

Mr Krawczyk is due to appear in court on Tuesday.

Ian MacGranthin, a passenger on flight BY437B, told BBC News: "He attacked a couple of crew members and a few people got knocked about. Eventually he had to be restrained."

Another passenger said: "He started getting more aggressive.

"He tried to get into the toilets and when he couldn't get into the toilets he reached for the emergency exit handle and he was pulling on that. That's when everyone piled in".

A Thomsonfly spokesman said: "The captain took the decision for the safety of all passengers to take the aircraft into Sanford."

Passengers on the flight were put up in hotels and given food, the spokesman said.

See amateur footage of FBI agents seizing the passenger

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