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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 June, 2005, 13:23 GMT 14:23 UK
Woman held in Azerbaijan 'framed'
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The son of a British woman detained by customs officials in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan says she has been framed for political reasons.

Ilkin Guliyev, 19, said the arrest of his mother, Almas, who has another son aged nine, was "politically motivated".

Mrs Guliyeva, 46, is married to the nephew of the chairman of an opposition party in Azerbaijan.

Customs officers found a pistol in her luggage as she tried to board a plane back to London, Azeri authorities said.

She was held was during a check at Baku airport on Friday after attending a relative's funeral in the country.

She was framed for it so they can get to my family
Ilkin Guliyev

The Foreign Office has confirmed that Mrs Guliyeva, who lives in north London with her two sons, has been detained and they are seeking access to her.

"She is a mother of two, she has got a nine-year-old son - she would not in her right mind carry a gun on board a plane," Ilkin Guliyev said.

"My uncles have been imprisoned in the past... and in this case I believe my mum was part of that, she was part of the game.

Political links

"She was framed for it so they can get to my family."

Her lawyer, Osman Kazimov, said no problems were found when her luggage was checked at the airport's entrance.

Mrs Guliyeva's family in the UK said they were notified of her detention by relatives who had accompanied her to the airport.

Mrs Guliyeva's husband Ilgar was away on business in Russia when she was detained but has been informed of the situation.

He is making his way back to the UK, Ilkin Guliyev said.

Ilgar's uncle, New York-based Rasul Guliyev, is the chairman of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan and a former speaker of Azerbaijan's parliament.

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