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Hamza trial: Evidence on day two

Abu Hamza (Image by court artist Elizabeth Cook/PA)
More recordings have been played to the court
More video recordings of speeches given by Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, which form the basis of the prosecution allegations against him, have been played to a jury.

The 47-year-old, who is on trial at the Old Bailey, denies 15 charges alleging soliciting murder, inciting racial hatred and possessing information "useful" to a terrorist.


A two-hour video of a talk given by him in 1997/98 to a private meeting in Whitechapel, east London, was played to the jury on the second day of his trial.

In the colour video, the cleric stood on a platform with other Muslims in sandy-coloured headwear and a grey robe.

He spoke to his audience, in English, about living "among non-Muslims - kafirs - among the most enemies of Islam... asking them to give us security from our own oppressive regime, asking them to protect our children, our wives, our money from our own regime staying in their pavements happy to be there".

He said they were thrown "bits and pieces" as dogs who run after the honeypot, "as they like to call it".

The preacher added: "It is sad... what is more sad about it is that people are arranging their life according to this as the unescaped destiny.

"Do we stay like that... do we change?"

The cleric compared the situation to living inside a toilet.

He said: "It looks like, unfortunately, that we have been forced, unfortunately, to be inside a toilet."

The cleric spoke of what was happening to Palestinians and Muslims in Bosnia and Kashmir.

He said: "We see the blood of our brothers. We have seen the humiliation of our brothers and sisters and yet only five minutes and then we will go to the roast and forget everything."

In the speech, Hamza spoke of how to re-establish Khilafa - "the authority of Allah on earth".

He said it was a "long bloody way" and that it will divide people into three groups: those who were "enemies", those who felt "the road is too bloody and too long", and those who joined "the victorious party".

Mr Abu Hamza labelled Communism a "silly, stinky idea" and added that it prevailed for a time because people fought for it.

One of the components of establishing Khilafa was "fighting", in three phases, the preacher said.

Mr Abu Hamza went on to describe brothels as justifiable targets.

He said: "Every place of iniquity, every brothel, every video shop which is selling naked, for the victorious party is a target.

"If anybody protect these kufr (unbeliever) places and these fisq (sinful) places is a target."

The preacher added: "Anybody who propagate these kind of thing among Muslims is a target.

Asked about Jihad, he said: "There is no real need to go and train for tanks and aeroplanes...where you going to find these... you can't buy these in the market... you cannot make them yourselves."

After "bleeding" the enemy, the cleric told supporters that "obviously you will be on the run, you are not going to be safe all the time".

He added: "Don't hope you can stay here for long doing anything and treat yourself in this country.


The jury was played a second tape, recorded in 1999, in which Hamza was seen sitting at a table on a carpeted floor, delivering an address on "adherence to Islam in the western world".

The cleric said: "Many, many people - George Bush, Bill Clinton - they stand up and they say `we love Islam, we like Islam, it's a great religion'.

"Tony Blair comes, says Eid Mubarrak, but he makes sure when he says Eid Mubarrak that his aeroplane making our Eid is impossible, untolerable, dark and he kills many of our children."

He added: "Most of them are pagans, they hide behind the church.

"The church itself have lost every capacity it has. In the hearts and minds of people preachers have become homosexual, they have become child hazard."

The cleric went on: "Churches have become places of dancing, iniquity, business and black magic.

"You name it. Child prostitution, and every day there is evidence of that."

Criticising Muslims who voted, he said: "Those Muslims who have elected in America Bill Clinton or Tony Blair here, every child, every person who's killed, every Muslim is afraid in the countries which these stupid people are bombarding.

"A Muslim who let them into power by giving them a simple thing - it's called vote - in the front of Allah, you will see what happens to him."


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