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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 January 2006, 18:05 GMT
Hamza attacks 'enemies of Islam'
Abu Hamza (Image by court artist Elizabeth Cook/PA)
Mr Abu Hamza talked about the treatment of Muslims abroad
Jurors in the trial of Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri have watched a video-taped sermon in which he talks of living among the "enemies of Islam".

On the second day of his trial, the Old Bailey saw him compare life among these "kafirs" to living "inside a toilet".

The tape shows Mr Abu Hamza addressing a meeting in east London in 1997/1998.

The 47-year-old denies 15 charges, including soliciting murder, inciting racial hatred and possessing information "useful" to a terrorist.

'Unescaped destiny'

The video shows Mr Abu Hamza standing on a platform bearing a banner with the words "Al Jihad" in red.

In English, he speaks about life "asking [non-Muslims] to give us security from our own oppressive regime, asking them to protect our children, our wives, our money from our own regime staying in their pavements happy to be there".

It looks like, unfortunately, that we have been forced, unfortunately, to be inside a toilet
Mr Abu Hamza
Video shown to court

He says they were thrown "bits and pieces" as dogs who run after the honey pot, "as they like to call it".

"It is sad... what is more sad about it is that people are arranging their life according to this as the unescaped destiny," he says.

"Do we stay like that... do we change? It looks like, unfortunately, that we have been forced, unfortunately, to be inside a toilet."

He also talks of establishing a caliphate, a government according to Islamic law.

The cleric later goes on to describe various types of services which are justifiable targets in his eyes.

He says: "Every place of iniquity, every brothel, every video shop which is selling naked, for the victorious party is a target.

You cannot do it by chemical weapons, you have to do it by mice poison
Mr Abu Hamza
Video shown to court

"Anybody who propagate these kind of thing among Muslims is a target."

In a question and answer session, Hamza is asked by a member of the audience how to go about Jihad. He said the first thing was to be trained.

He says: "There is no real need to go and train for tanks and aeroplanes... where you going to find these... you can't buy these in the market... you cannot make them yourselves.

"Every court is a target and every brothel is a target and everybody who's endorsing that is a target and anybody who goes into these places to protect them, to invite people for them, is a target."

He tells the audience that they must "bleed the enemy" and then accept life on the run.

The cleric said: "You have to bleed the enemy. Then, after you have done that, obviously you will be on the run."

In a second tape, recorded in 1999, Hamza is seen sitting at a table on a carpeted floor, delivering an address on "adherence to Islam in the western world" where he attacks Western churches.

This country is a "kafir" country which does not apply the Sharia law in full, the cleric says.

He says: "Churches have become places of dancing, iniquity, business and black magic. You name it. Child prostitution, and every day there is evidence of that."



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