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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 June, 2005, 02:13 GMT 03:13 UK
Call for curbs on young drivers
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Up to 24% of death by dangerous driving convictions are of the young
The majority of motorists support restrictions for newly-qualified young drivers, according to a survey.

More than two-thirds (69%) think they should be subject to curfews and restrictions on passenger numbers.

And 84% of those backed P - for provisional - plates for those who have just passed their test.

The findings of the survey of 800 drivers by road safety charity Brake come on the 70th anniversary of driving tests being made compulsory.

The compulsory introduction of Pass Plus, a Driving Standards Agency (DSA) scheme providing additional training to recently-qualified drivers, would be welcomed by 79% of those questioned.

It is a tragedy and a disgrace that young men are the biggest culprits in killing their mates and girlfriends in road crashes

In 2003, up to 24% of death by dangerous driving convictions were of drivers aged 20 and younger.

That was despite this age group accounting for just 2% of car licence holders.

Brake, which conducted its survey in conjunction with Green Flag Motoring Assistance, said the figures proved there was a "desperate need" for restrictions and further training for young drivers.

Other countries placed restrictions on young and newly-qualified drivers, Brake added.

They included a ban on unsupervised driving at night in 25 US states, a limit on the number of young passengers in California and probationary licences for a period after passing the test in Victoria, Australia.

'Tragedy and disgrace'

Brake chief executive Mary Williams said restrictions, together with education for young drivers, were needed to show that driving licences were "a privilege, not a right".

"It is a tragedy and a disgrace that young men are the biggest culprits in killing their mates and girlfriends in road crashes," she added.

Melanie Denny, from Green Flag Motoring Assistance, said: "Young, inexperienced drivers do pose one of the biggest dangers on Britain's roads.

"But it's encouraging that many young drivers recognise that with restrictions, curfews and further training, they can improve their safety on the roads."

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