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Last Updated: Friday, 27 May, 2005, 07:00 GMT 08:00 UK
Euro champions return celebrated

Pictures appear on almost every front page of the scenes on Liverpool's streets as the city welcomed the return of European football's new champions.

The Daily Mirror headline borrows from those other famous sons of the city: "We love you. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

"The fans looked... stoned. But... this was a natural high," says Simon Hattenstone in the Guardian.

The Sun announces that captain Steven Gerrard shared his bed with the European Cup on the night of victory.

'Hopes dashed'

The Times says President Jacques Chirac will urge other countries to proceed with ratifying the EU constitution even if France votes 'Non' on Sunday.

This would "dash the hopes of those in the British government who believed that a French rejection would make a British referendum unnecessary".

The Financial Times and Daily Telegraph fronts report Barclays bank's warning about rising bad debt on credit cards.

The news "sent shudders through the banking sector", says the Telegraph.


The government's call for parents to help halt the rise in teenage pregnancy is an "admission of failure" of its policies, the Daily Mail says.

But the Guardian's Madeleine Bunting says research shows teenage mothers' life chances are barely affected.

The Independent devotes its first five pages to Britain's "voracious demand" for Third World medical staff.

Africa's health services are left "crippled" by "one of the worst acts of global exploitation in modern times".

'Miserably wrong'

The Daily Express front page complains about 59 Derbyshire police officers being let off after they were caught speeding in patrol cars.

The paper accuses the force - "one of the toughest in the country" on speeding - of hypocrisy.

The founder of the BBC Weather Centre, John Teather, has branded the new forecast graphics "miserably wrong", reports the Independent.

The comments, posted on a BBC website, were later removed, the paper reports.

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