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Police race abuse claim transcript
Metropolitan Police officer Pc David Yates has been suspended from duty over allegations of racial abuse after he was secretly recorded by a Kurdish teenager he was arresting.

The boy was charged with threatening behaviour but the case was thrown out at West London Youth Court after the district judge heard the recording.

Here is a transcript of the tape played in court:

Boy: Why are you putting me in the van for?

DY: You're being arrested for public order mate.

Boy: Leave me alone man, what are you doing?

DY: You just told me to f*** off mate.

Boy: What are you lying for? Oh my days, what are you lying for? Oh my days. Hey.

DY: Public order mate.

Boy: You're lying.

DY: You just told me to f*** off, I'm not having that.

Boy: Oh my days, I swear to god. What's wrong with you. Hey, I'm not joking.

DY: I'm not joking either mate.

Boy: Oi Said, this copper, did I just say f*** off to him? Oi Said, come to the police station.

DY: Go away.

Boy: Said, come to the police station man. What are you doing man? Said, come police station.

DY: Don't get cocky with me, Don't get f****** cocky with me. I'm not going to take it from you.

Boy: What's wrong with you?

DY: If you were cool, I'd have been cool with you.

Boy: Why do you keep stopping me anyway?

DY: Don't tell me to f*** off, You know why, It's because you're a f****** rapist and I hate you.

Boy: What?

DY: Yeah, you're a f****** rapist.

Boy: What? Did you just call me a rapist?

DY: I called you a rapist bruv.

Boy: Why are you calling me a rapist for? What are you saying that for? Are you... laughing? What's wrong with you? What are you saying that for?

DY: Shut the f*** up. Hey... turn the....

Boy: Hey, don't be silly. Hey, what did you say? Sorry go on, go on, go on.

DY: If you say one more f****** word, I'll smash your f****** Arab face in. Do you understand?

Boy: Yeah, Yeah.

DY: Because you're not a f****** big man, when it's not a woman, yeah.

Boy: Okay just leave me alone man.

DY: Just shut the f*** up you c***, otherwise I'm going to smash your f****** face in. (Laughter) 'Cause you're a f****** robbing, raping, a******* mate.

Boy: What did you say, why are you saying that?

DY: Why am I saying that? Don't play f****** stupid, what do you think you were in Feltham for, you f****** c***?

Boy: I was in Feltham for affray.

DY: F*** off, I was the one who nicked you, you f****** dumb c***.

Boy: Where from? Parkwest.

DY: Parkwest, yeah from there.

Boy: That was for robbery and that got NFA'd at court though.

DY: Shut the f*** up. Well you won't swear at me again sunshine, and this isn't one that you won't f****** get off of at court because I'll write it up properly.

Listen to an extract from the recording of the police officer


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