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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 May 2005, 10:18 GMT 11:18 UK
UK voters' panel: Siobhan Burgess
Siobhan Burgess
Name: Siobhan Burgess
Age: 35
Lives: Warrington
Works: Occupational health nurse
Voted: Labour
In 10 words or less:
"Family-centred wife, mother, nurse, cyclist, animal lover, amateur gardener"

The reforms in the NHS will not come overnight but I want to see many of Labour's plans implemented.

The proposed reforms within the NHS including more foundation hospitals and increased local control of the management of NHS hospitals will improve health care provision.

It will also reduce hospital acquired infection rates - tackling the MRSA crisis in our hospitals.

Further initiatives to improve the health of the nation outlined in last year's white paper, 'A Healthier Nation' including smoking bans, reducing obesity and promoting healthy lifestyles are all important issues.

Changes to the welfare system are long overdue.

If the abuse of the incapacity benefit and other benefit systems are addressed more people will get back to work and contribute to the national economy.


As this next session is a long one, lasting until November 2006, I think one of the Labour Party's intentions will be to introduce identity cards, despite opposition.

The ID card bill might struggle to get passed because of Labour's loss of seats in the election.

But illegal immigration, human trafficking and the terrorism threat means that this issue needing addressing urgently during this term of office.

Your comments:

Read the papers, foundation hospitals are not working. Also, look what's happening, or even not happening, to the proposed merger of four perfectly good hospitals onto one huge site in Paddington. MRSA has been, and still is, caused by outsourcing of the cleaning of hospitals. Cash before cleanliness! Another "merger", Inland Revenue with Customs and Excise, took essential vigilance away from the points of entry for "illegal immigrants, human traffickers and terrorists".
Wil Regan, Wrexham, N Wales

I agree with Graham, it's outrageous that a single person gets the incredible sum of 33.85 per week if under 18 rising to the mind boggling sum of 56.20 if over 25. Heaven forbid if you're a couple, you could be paid 88.15 per week, what would you do with all that money? Oh and don't forget that child benefit counts as income for means testing. People who criticise those on benefit should check their facts and be forced to live on benefits for twelve months with no family support, don't believe everything you read in the tabloids.
Guto, Ceredigion

With respect to ID cards, look to Spain. They have compulsory cards. They have huge illegal immigration problems as well as ETA and the Madrid bombings. How do the cards help? Why not just spend the 3 billion on more police and better intelligence services.
Colin Smith, Glasgow, Scotland

I agree with Siobhan, lets sort the welfare state out. It is far too easy for people from all walks of life to stay on benefits for their whole life. People having 9-10 children and getting funded by the honest working class need sorting out. In many ways it is more profitable to stay on welfare than work! People need to live and breed within their means. If they can't afford kids, holidays, etc, etc then don't have them. It is absolutely crazy to think that you can have all your bills paid for, your furniture, etc and then afford to go on holiday or have umpteen kids, all on benefit; beggars belief. The government has become soft as have the majority of the people. We need to bring self-discipline, respect and honesty back. It is down to us all to achieve this.
Graham Rees MBE, Storrington, UK

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