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Harry art claims 'a pack of lies'
Sarah Forsyth
Sarah Forsyth says she was told to write text for Harry's art coursework
Eton's head of art has said claims he told a teacher to write five pages of text for Prince Harry's AS Level art coursework are "a pack of lies".

Ian Burke told an employment tribunal in Reading, Berkshire, that although Harry needed help he had not told Sarah Forsyth to cheat for him.

Her contract at the school was not renewed in summer 2003. Ms Forsyth, 30, is claiming unfair dismissal.

Mr Burke has denied her claim he had finished a painting for Harry.

Ms Forsyth alleges Harry was given "inappropriate help".

Prince Harry needed help with his written work - I asked Sarah to help him
Ian Burke

On Friday, Mr Burke told the tribunal that with pupils' exam deadlines approaching, Eton's art block was "bedlam" at the time he is alleged to have given Ms Forsyth the instructions.

"Sarah kindly asked if she could help," he said.

"Prince Harry needed help with his written work - I asked Sarah to help him."

'Pack of lies'

He had told Ms Forsyth to help the prince to come up with "some descriptive terms" to explain the contextual link between his artwork and their inspiration, Mr Burke added.

Prince Harry
The Royal Family has strenuously denied there was any cheating

Ms Forsyth alleges she wrote five pages of text for the project which were passed off as Harry's own.

"I'm not aware of that, I do not accept that," Mr Burke said.

The allegations were "a complete pack of lies", he added.

The school says Ms Forsyth's contract was not renewed because she was not up to the job.

As well as claiming unfair dismissal, she is also alleging sexual discrimination.

Military training

Closing submissions in the tribunal will take place on Monday.

It is not known when the hearing's panel will make a decision.

The Royal Family has denied Harry cheated and an investigation by exam board Edexcel found no evidence of malpractice.

The prince started officer training at Sandhurst Military Academy this week.

See footage of Harry's artwork

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