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Last Updated: Sunday, 8 May, 2005, 06:35 GMT 07:35 UK
Party leadership under scrutiny

Sunday's papers focus on the prospect of leadership for the Labour and Conservative parties following the general election.

The Independent on Sunday claims that Tony Blair has been through a messy Cabinet reshuffle.

The Mail On Sunday speculates on whether he will stand down.

The paper says that if a British referendum on the European Constitution is called off this could help Gordon Brown into Number Ten.

Back in business

Many papers say that Conservatives are seeking hope all over again in the wake of Michael Howard's decision to resign as party leader.

The Sunday Telegraph claims that the Tories have given every impression that they are back in business.

The Sunday Express takes a similar view, reporting that the Conservatives have proved themselves a worthy opposition.

It goes on to say that they must now show that they are a worthy government-in-waiting.

Premature euphoria

The Independent on Sunday welcomes the arrival of more Liberal Democrat MPs.

The paper claims that the party should focus on environmental sustainability, respect for civil liberties and the rule of international law.

Elsewhere, the Sunday Times is not so optimistic about their election success and warns against premature euphoria.

The Oxford Professor of Government, Vernon Bogdanor, says that party secured a smaller percentage of the vote than they did in 1983.

Victoria Cross

There are a variety of perspectives on the 60th anniversary of VE Day.

The Observer looks at the views of two different women showing what impact the events had on their lives at the time.

Elsewhere the Sunday Mirror reports that Private Johnson Beharry, who won the Victoria Cross in Iraq, has separated from his wife.

The paper publishes a statement from the couple saying they are considering their future.

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