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Posters warn women of drink risk
'Who's looking out for you?' poster
The poster will be in 500 pub toilets throughout the country
Women are being warned to be aware of how much they drink, so as to avoid violent or risky situations.

A poster campaign by drinks lobby organisation the Portman Group shows a man lurking behind a woman, beneath the phrase "Who's looking out for you?"

The Portman Group said it wanted to emphasise to women the dangers of drinking too much - from losing valuables to being assaulted.

The posters will be in 500 pub toilets throughout the country next month.

The campaign warns of other potential dangers including getting into an unlicensed minicab, going home with a stranger and having unprotected sex.

Among young women aged 16-24, the proportion drinking more than 35 units per week has more than tripled over the past 15 years, rising from 3% to 10%, the Portman Group said.

Judgement affected

"Alcohol affects your judgement," said its chief executive Jean Coussins.

"You might think that taking that short cut or going home with a stranger is a good idea but you could be taking a huge risk."

Research showed that while most sexual assaults occur between people who know each other, alcohol-related sexual assaults are more likely to occur between people who do not know each other well.

Other alcohol research showed that more than one in five men and one in six women admit to having unsafe sex after drinking too much, according to Alcohol Concern.

One in seven 16 to 24 year olds have had unprotected sex when drunk, while one in five had sex they later regretted.

One in 10 have been unable to remember if they had sex the night before and 40% believe they are more likely to have casual sex after drinking.

The Portman Group includes Allied Domecq; Bacardi Brown Forman Brands; Beverage Brands; Carlsberg UK; Coors Brewers; Diageo; Interbrew UK; Pernod Ricard; and Scottish & Newcastle.

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