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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005, 04:39 GMT
Most 'wouldn't report fake goods'
Counterfeit DVDs
The quality of fake goods is usually inferior to the original
Most people would not report the sale of fake goods even though they know the trade is run by organised criminal gangs, a new poll suggests.

Two thirds of 1,000 adults quizzed for the Mori poll said they were unlikely to report the sale of such goods.

Only 1% said they found counterfeiting the most unacceptable form of fraud.

Police say the counterfeit goods trade is worth billions of pounds and benefits criminals and terrorists, as well as damaging the British economy.

DVDs and clothes are the main items traded but fraudsters also copy prescription drugs and aircraft parts.

But the poll for an IT consultancy firm suggests the public has a laissez faire attitude to this type of crime.

Some 40% of respondents said benefit fraud was the most unacceptable form of fraud.

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