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Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 May 2005, 21:01 GMT 22:01 UK
UK voters' panel: Keith Brockie

Keith Brockie
Name: Keith Brockie
Age: 32
Lives: Falkirk, Scotland
Works: IT analyst
Current voting intention: SNP
In 10 words or less:
"Scottish, left wing, environmentally aware, altruistic, egalitarian, scientist, atheist, sceptical"

This election has been the dullest and most stage-managed campaign ever.

Many of the issues such as health, education and crime that the London based parties trumpet, are irrelevant to Scotland.

With the campaign getting personal the result is a foregone conclusion.

There is no real difference between any of London's three main parties, so it is not difficult to see why voter apathy is at an all time high.

I can see turnout in Scotland being very low - below 50% - and Labour will suffer because of it.

Labour, and the other main parties, have been pretending that Scotland is important to this election by sending their "big guns" (or "damp squibs") up from London.

They needn't bother. The Scottish electorate is more sophisticated than that - and certainly does not appreciate being patronised.

As far as I can see only the SNP has focussed on anything relevant to Scotland.

The SNP has consistently stood up for Scotland's regiments for example.

It has been shown to be the most trusted party to defend Scotland's interests.

For example, the Govan shipyards were saved by a high SNP vote.

Until we achieve independence, I want - and Scotland needs - SNP MPs at Westminster fighting our causes.

Your comments

While I agree with your sentiments the SNP can do precious little for Scotland at Westminster. Get rid of Blair and co and we will be better off.
D Walmsley, Melrose, Scotland.

I bet the SNP are not proposing to fund Scottish public services from Scottish tax - they'll still be quite happy to leech off the English taxpayers.
Jim, Dunstable, UK

Why is it so bad for the other parties to be based in London but perfectly ok for any future SNP MPs to be based at Westminster.
James, UK

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