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Oxbridge students cash in on wit
The website will have a strict no-sex policy
The UK's top students are being offered the chance to pay off their debts by cashing in on their wit, brains and conversation - by working as escorts.

Oxbridge-escorts.com, an introduction service, is for people wanting to be set up with graduates, or undergraduates, of Oxford or Cambridge. The "unashamedly elitist" service will operate a strict no-sex policy.

Oxford student Nick Dekker, 22, who set up the website, said they were offering a great service for busy people.

'Bright' people

He said he had been inspired by friends' experiences.

"I came up with the idea a few months ago. I was thinking of a few friends, who are charming and bright people who took good firsts, who had taken a year out and weren't doing very much, and I thought that this was a good opportunity for them to do something with themselves.

"On the first day, 20 people signed up."

The service will be up and running by mid-June - after Mr Dekker, a fourth-year classicist, completes his finals.

Charm test

Each would-be escort will be interviewed to test their "sparkiness" and their details, including a picture, will be posted on the site. They will pay 45 a year membership, while clients will pay 99.

A date will cost anywhere between 20 and 175, said Mr Dekker, and will be arranged between escort and client. The client will pay for restaurant bills, theatre tickets and any other expenses.

As for the universities themselves, he has not been in contact.

"I really hope that they are going to be supportive. We are not bringing either university into disrepute," he said.

"We are providing a service for students and highlighting an important issue - student debt."

What clients can expect on a date

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