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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 December 2005, 19:25 GMT
UK voters' panel: Tonia Barton

Tonia Barton
Name: Tonia Barton
Age: 43
Lives: Nelson, Lancashire
Works: Wine and spirit wholesalers
Last general election voted: Conservative
In 10 words or less:
"Single, committed socially liberal Conservative"

I am very happy to see David Cameron elected as the leader of the Conservative Party.

I now look forward to seeing him moving the party forward and winning the next general election to become the next prime minister.

The measure of his victory should now ensure that the Conservative Parliamentary Party unites behind him and fights the Labour Party, not each other.

It is also important that we reach out from the south of England and appeal to voters in seats such as Pendle in the north west and take the message of modern, compassionate Conservatism to every corner of the UK.

David Cameron's views are refreshing and offer a difference between the two main parties.

I totally agree with his idea of consistency in politics. There needs to be more honesty in order to turn people back to being enthused about the importance of politics.

I also like his themes of trusting people and responsibility.

I think that this will prove to be the turning point for politics in the UK and I think that David Cameron will be able to fight both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.

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