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UK voters' panel: Georgina Grant

Georgina Grant
Name: Georgina Grant
Age: 62
Lives: Guildford
Works: Communications officer
Last general election voted: Conservative
In 10 words or less:
"A grandmother who values family life, employed, but approaching retirement"

I am delighted David Cameron is the new leader of the Conservative Party.

I believe he will be a breath of fresh air.

The perception that the Tories have become unelectable must be addressed with a widening of their appeal.

David Cameron has the qualities to do just that.

David's priorities should be on pulling together the various strands of opinion within the party to present a cohesive political force.

The Labour government is presiding over so many farces at the moment, such as pensions, education, council tax, the NHS, tax credits, the Child Support Agency and Europe.

I think there are many opportunities for the Conservatives to recapture voters in the middle ground - those people who work hard to provide for themselves, but who are seen as "cash cows" by Labour to support the idle and profligate.

It is strange that Labour is now urging us to save for our old age, but at the same time there is no incentive to save because many benefits are means tested.

I would say to David Cameron that the first question to raise at Prime Minister's Questions is: "Was the time and expense involved in commissioning the Turner Report justified if the Chancellor overrules the findings?"

So long as he steers clear of making major errors of judgement and pursues policies which the electorate can perceive as fair, I think David Cameron will remain in the post for a good many years.

If he is successful and the Labour Party continues its spiral of decline, to which both Blair and Brown are currently contributing, there is a very good chance of the Conservative Party being returned at the next election.

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