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Last Updated: Sunday, 1 May, 2005, 06:56 GMT 07:56 UK
Papers split over party support

Sunday's papers are divided over which party voters should support in the forthcoming general election.

In its final edition before voters go to the polls on Thursday, the Observer says Labour is the right choice because they are committed to social justice.

The Sunday People admits there is much for Labour voters to be unhappy about including the war in Iraq.

But it praises the party for "transforming the face of Britain".

Labour's 'arrogance'

The Sunday Express is backing the Conservatives to win and inviting readers to help "kick out" Tony Blair's Labour government.

The Sunday Times takes a similar view, urging readers to vote Conservative to curb Labour's arrogance.

Elsewhere, the Mail On Sunday takes a scathing approach towards the prime minister and his party.

The paper claims that no-one who values truth, democracy and the rule of law can consider voting for Mr Blair.

The Independent on Sunday urges its readers to vote for the Liberal Democrats because their values are closest to that of the newspaper.

It says the public should vote for the party in seats where they can win.

'Identity cards'

Meanwhile, the Daily Star Sunday resists making any recommendation over which party the voters should go for.

Instead the paper urges the public to cast their vote for a party of their choice because, if they choose not to, they will have no right to complain.

The Observer urges readers to vote Labour but with reservations over the Iraq war, identity cards and other civil liberty issues.

The Sunday Mirror agrees that the only choice for a better life is a Labour vote but it claims that "things could have been better".

And, looking beyond the election, the Mail On Sunday claims Mr Blair has been forced to abandon his pledge to serve a full third term should he win.

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