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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 November 2005, 16:02 GMT
UK voters' panel: Georgina Grant

Georgina Grant
Name: Georgina Grant
Age: 62
Lives: Guildford
Works: Communications officer
Last general election voted: Conservative
In 10 words or less:
"A grandmother who values family life, employed, but approaching retirement"

The Conservative Party has to change direction in order to be electable again.

It needs to engage with younger voters. They are the generation which currently fail to go to the polls because they are disaffected with politics.

I believe David Cameron is the man who can recapture the centre ground from Labour.

Whilst Cameron may be thin on policy, I do not think that matters particularly when electing an opposition leader.

After all, once in office, he will take advice and formulate policies.

A personable leader will more easily be able to sell these policies to the electorate when the general election comes.

As a Conservative, I look forward to feeling proud of the party again.

I cannot believe how they have failed so miserably in opposition to a government which has eroded our personal freedoms, presided over a nanny state and has not successfully addressed the problems with education, the NHS and pensions.

The issues which matter to me are high taxation and the cost-effective provision of public services.

I do not mind paying tax if it is spent wisely but the government wastes a lot of public money with no improvement in services.

I believe David Cameron is the man to change that.

I support his stated view that he wants to share the proceeds of economic growth between tax cuts and investment in public services.


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