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UK voters' panel: Tonia Barton

Tonia Barton
Name: Tonia Barton
Age: 43
Lives: Nelson, Lancashire
Works: Wine and spirit wholesalers
Last general election voted: Conservative
In 10 words or less:
"Single, committed socially liberal Conservative"

I found it very difficult to decide who I would prefer to lead the Conservative Party.

Both candidates have pros and cons.

I have watched the TV debates and read numerous articles.

However, in the final analysis the choice comes down to who will lead the Conservatives to victory at the next election.

With this in mind I feel that David Cameron would be the better choice.

I have decided on him because I think he will bring a younger look to the Conservative Party and that he will be brave enough to make difficult decisions on policy, which will be required.

He also appeals to me because I think he will broaden the Conservative Party's appeal and attract voters who have not voted Conservative before.

I have found his views on several policy areas, such as his approach to education, the licensing laws and drugs policy to be refreshing and realistic.

He is also willing to take a fresh look at the role of the opposition in Parliament.

I must state, though, that should David Davis be chosen I still feel I would still be able to support the Conservatives.

I hope that the losing candidate will serve under the winner and that they can persuade other well known figures to participate in the shadow cabinet.

Then they can hold the government to account for its failings.

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