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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 April, 2005, 14:01 GMT 15:01 UK
Guest editor's pick of the site
David McDowell and Pete Clifton
David McDowell (right) explains his ideas to editor Pete Clifton
David McDowell, from Lockerbie in Scotland, has been emailing the BBC News website with his thoughts about the site.

So editor Pete Clifton invited David - himself a former journalist - to spend the day with the team.

And when he came up with a few ideas of his own, Pete was keen to try them out.

The result is this trial edition of Pick of the Week, a selection of the BBC News website's output, as chosen by our guest editor.

Of course, we already have Week At A Glance for readers to catch up on the big news stories of the past few days.

But David told us he was impressed with the many ways we tell stories on the website and thought we should showcase the best.

"I wanted people to have a quick way to find the best the BBC had to offer," he said.

"A page like this gives people the chance to see a wide variety of stories, pictures and interactive graphics that they may not have seen the first time round."

This page shows some of the things David considers worth revisiting.

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24 Mar 05 |  Magazine


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