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Shot Pc mourns murdered colleague
Pc Teresa Milburn
A tearful Pc Milburn leaves hospital
A policewoman shot by armed robbers who murdered her colleague has paid tribute to a "dear friend" after leaving hospital in a wheelchair.

Pc Sharon Beshenivsky, 38, was shot dead and her colleague Pc Teresa Milburn, 37, injured during the armed robbery at a travel agency in Bradford.

Pc Milburn said: "Friday should have been a normal day at work, instead I lost a colleague and a dear friend."

Six people are being held in custody in West Yorkshire.

'Wholehearted sympathy'

Pc Milburn, who broke down in tears after being discharged, added: "Sharon and I enjoyed working together immensely.

"Nothing can bring Sharon back and my wholehearted sympathy goes out to her family.

"Despite my own injuries I am thankful to be back at home with my family."

Sharon Beshenivsky
Pc Beshenivsky had three children and two step-children

Both officers were probationers with less than two years' service.

On Sunday, Pc Beshenivsky's husband Paul paid a moving tribute to his "wonderful" wife.

He described the mother of three children and two stepchildren as "my rock" who was "loved by everyone", and branded her killers "cowards".

Prayers were offered for Pc Beshenivsky during a memorial service at Bradford Cathedral which had been intended to commemorate the victims of the Pakistani earthquake.


Mr Beshenivsky told how Friday began as "such a happy day" as their youngest daughter Lydia celebrated her fourth birthday.

"She waited excitedly for her mum to come home. When Sharon was late I knew something was wrong," he said.

"It breaks my heart to think that I will never hear her infectious laugh again, to think she won't be here to see our children grow."

Mr Beshenivsky said: "The people who did this to Sharon and to Teresa and to our families are cowards.

"They took away my wife, but they also took away a wonderful mum and the world is a darker place without her."

'Very touched'

His wife, who had been in the force for nine months, was proud to be in the police.

During the memorial service at Bradford Cathedral, Rev Peter Whittaker said: "We register our shock and concern with the family of Sharon, a police officer killed on duty, and to Teresa, her injured colleague.

"We pray for the police and for all our communities here in the city of Bradford."

Outside the cathedral, West Yorkshire Police Deputy Chief Constable Julia Hodson, who attended the service, said: "We came here to support the earthquake appeal for Kashmir and we were very touched that they found room in the service to pay their respects to our colleagues.

"It shows a great strength in the community."

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