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Chohan murders: Timeline
Two men have been convicted of the murder of a family - including two children, one of them eight weeks old. A third man has been convicted of murdering the father and assisting an offender. BBC News traces this crime's history.

Kenneth Regan befriends Belinda Brewin after meeting her at the bar in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London. He showers her with gifts, including a Cartier watch, and offers to take her to Monte Carlo.

Regan is arrested in possession of 30kg of heroin. He is later jailed for eight years after agreeing to turn Queen's evidence.

Dec: Regan is given a concurrent eight-year sentence for his part in a huge fake passport racket. Among those he gives evidence against is his friend Bill Horncy.

Jun: Regan is released from jail after serving four years. He soon begins to plot ways of making big money. Regan also gets in touch with Belinda Brewin again. She has moved from London to a farmhouse in Devon.

Regan tries to organise a 3m deal involving land near Heathrow which Amarjit Chohan has an option to buy.
When this falls through he begins to focus on Mr Chohan's haulage company Ciba Freight, which is based near London's Heathrow airport.

13 Feb:
Mr Chohan disappears after going to meet a man allegedly interested in buying Ciba Freight. He is abducted by Regan, Horncy and Peter Rees and taken back to Regan's father's home near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

15 Feb:
With Rees guarding Mr Chohan, Regan and Horncy travel to Hounslow, west London, and talk their way into Mr Chohan's home. They kill his wife Nancy, her young sons Ravinder and Devinder and her mother Charanjit Kaur. They hire a van and take the bodies to the West Country.

16 Feb:
Mr Chohan is forced to sign a series of blank letters and make a couple of phone calls. Later that night they kill Mr Chohan.

17 Feb:
Regan turns up at Ciba Freight's office with a power of attorney - signed under duress by Mr Chohan - and proceeds to start running the company.

19 Feb:
The five bodies are loaded onto a hired van and driven down to Belinda Brewin's farm near Tiverton, Devon. Regan, Horncy and Rees dig a ditch and bury the bodies, covered with aggregate.

21 Feb:
Regan takes Mr Chohan's car to a friend in Southampton who agrees to dispose of it.

5 Mar:
Nancy Chohan's brother Onkar Verma travels to London from New Zealand to put pressure on police to find out what has happened to his sister.

21 Mar:
The case is referred to Scotland Yard's Serious Crime Group and a week later a detective interviews Regan for the first time.

19 Apr (Easter Saturday):
Regan is spooked by the progress of the police investigation and, fearing they will soon learn of the farm in Devon, he returns with Horncy and Rees and digs up the five bodies.

20 Apr (Easter Sunday):
Having bought a boat, Regan, Horncy and Rees take the bodies out to sea and dump them off Dorset.

21 Apr (Easter Monday):
Police monitor Regan and Horncy at a fictional rendezvous in Newport, south Wales. But neither Mr Chohan nor his supposed kidnappers turn up.

22 Apr:
A body is found floating in the sea off Bournemouth pier.

29 Apr:
The body is confirmed to be that of Mr Chohan. That night, as detectives interview Belinda Brewin, Regan and Horncy, realising the game is up, flee by ferry to France. They then travel to Spain. Rees also goes on the run, hiding out with a friend in Gloucestershire.

30 Apr:
Police begin excavating the field in Devon. They later discover DNA belonging to the Chohan family and other incriminating items.

14 May:
Rees is arrested in a pub in Coleford in the Forest of Dean.

15 Jul:
Another body is discovered by fishermen off the Isle of Wight. It is later identified as being that of Nancy Chohan.

2 Aug:
Regan, having run out of money in Spain, is arrested at a campsite in Ghent, Belgium.

2 Sep:
Horncy, fed up with life on the run, returns to Dover and gives himself up.

7 Sep:
A third body is washed up on the Isle of Wight. It is later identified as being that of Mr Chohan's mother-in-law, Charanjit Kaur.

8 Nov:
Regan, Horncy and Rees go on trial at the Old Bailey. All deny murder and false imprisonment.

1 Jul:
Regan and Horncy are convicted of the murders. Rees is convicted of Mr Chohan's murder and of assisting an offender, but cleared of the other four murder charges.
The bodies of Ravinder and Devinder have never been found.

How police tracked down the murderers


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