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Last Updated: Saturday, 9 April, 2005, 20:52 GMT 21:52 UK
Queen wishes royal couple well
Prince Charles and Camilla
The Queen wished the couple well in her speech
The Queen has wished Charles and Camilla well in a speech at the couple's wedding reception.

Guests at the Windsor Castle reception said the Queen spoke of how "proud" she was and that Charles had "come through" despite "terrible obstacles".

She also made an analogy between the Grand National race and Charles and Camilla's relationship, suggesting they were in the Winner's enclosure.

The prince said he could not compete with his mother's "racing allusions".

The Grand National is a royal favourite and was rescheduled after the wedding was postponed due to the Pope's funeral.

'Wonderfully happy'

Comedian Stephen Fry told reporters the Queen said: "I've got two things to announce to you of the greatest importance.

"The first is that the Grand National was won by Hedgehunter.

The Prince spoke beautifully and as I was looking around people were crying.
Unnamed guest

"The second is to say to you that, despite Becher's Brook and The Chair and all kinds of other terrible obstacles, my son has come through and I'm very proud and wish them well."

Charles is said to have responded by saying: "I don't think I can compete with my mother on racing allusions."

The reception was hosted by the Queen at Windsor Castle's State Apartments.

It was attended by around 800 guests, including members of royalty politicians and entertainment personalities.

Another guest, who refused to be named, told how the Queen "said how wonderfully happy the occasion was".

'People were crying'

Prince Charles also gave a speech which one guest said moved many to tears.

Mark Green, who attended the reception, said Charles made a total of five toasts.

"One was to his dear wife and the others were to family members," she said.

An unnamed guest said Charles included his father-in-law in the toasts.

"He said he was honoured to be his son-in-law and he also toasted his father and Camilla.

Every time they said anything, it was more like being a football hooligan at an Arsenal match, instead of clapping politely they just went 'yes!'
Lord Melvyn Bragg

Susan Franks at the reception said: "Prince Charles made a speech where he said how grateful he was that everyone was there."

Another guest said: "The Prince spoke beautifully and, as I was looking around, people were crying".

Lord Melvyn Bragg said the atmosphere at the reception was riotous.

"Every time they said anything, it was more like being a football hooligan at an Arsenal match, instead of clapping politely they just went 'yes!'," he said.

He said Camilla was "smashing" and that she told him: "I just can't believe it."

He added that Camilla got on "tremendously" with Princes William and Harry.

"It's a miracle the way they have knitted together, that lot," he said.

"When people calm down and all the comparisons go away, and all that goes away, it is just two people, it's going to be terrific for this country, they are really rock solid."

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