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Crowds stay to cheer bride Grace
Crowds cheered Windsor couple Grace Beesley and Fraser Moores

Cheering crowds of well-wishers welcomed an excited bride who arrived for her wedding at Windsor Guildhall just an hour after the royal nuptials.

Grace Beesley, 33, looked amazed and laughed with her bridesmaids over a welcome which was fit for royalty.

Wearing a tiara and white fur collar, Miss Beesley waved to the crowds who were still gathered behind crash barriers.

It is estimated up to 20,000 people thronged the streets of Windsor to cheer Prince Charles and Camilla as they left the wedding ceremony.

'Very excited'

Miss Beesley posed briefly on the steps where Prince Charles and the new Duchess of Cornwall had earlier greeted the public following their marriage.

She told reporters she was "very excited, very excited", about her own wedding day and her marriage to Fraser Moores, 34.

I think the way it has kicked off already, there is no way they were going to be upstaged
Guest Helen Kirkby

The couple's friends and family arrived for the wedding in a vintage double decker bus.

One of their guests, Helen Kirkby, said the wedding of the young couple from Windsor was not going to be outshone by the earlier event.

She said: "The way it has kicked off already, there is no way they were going to be upstaged.

"They have got a double decker bus, the royal couple have gone, they're doing their thing and we are going to do ours."

Their wedding at Windsor Guildhall was to be followed by two other weddings at 3pm and 4pm.

Royal flowers

As well as crowds and media attention, the couples will also be able to enjoy the flowers which were part of the royal wedding setting.

Lloyd White, chairman of ceremonial events for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, said the flowers inside the Guildhall were a "spectacularly beautiful" spring array of whites, creams and pastels.

He said: "They are very large arrangements and Clarence House requested that they be left inside for the other couples.

"Clarence House has been determined that the other weddings should not be disrupted at all."

He said he was he was delighted with the day's proceedings.

"Touch wood it's gone very well," he said.

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