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Last Updated: Friday, 8 April, 2005, 12:58 GMT 13:58 UK
Action taken over Windsor breach
Police patrol Windsor Castle
Hundreds of police officers will patrol Windsor Castle
Two police officers attached to the Royal protection group have been moved from their duties in the wake of a security breach at Windsor Castle.

Scotland Yard confirmed the officers would be moved to "non-firearms commands" in the wake of the incident.

It followed a claim that journalists were able to drive a fake bomb into the grounds of Windsor Castle undetected.

Metropolitan Police said no further action had been taken but an inquiry in to the matter was ongoing.

The Sun newspaper said one of its reporters and a photographer drove a hire van with a fake bomb into Windsor Castle's grounds.

The newspaper claimed it breached the castle's 5m security barrier with "breathtaking ease" and got to within a "stone's throw" of the Queen's apartments.

Huge operation

Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair ordered an inquiry into the claims, saying he wanted to establish the facts surrounding the Sun's report.

Police are also under pressure after an earlier security breach on Sunday, when two tourists scaled a fence and entered a private castle area.

Ariel shot of Windsor Castle

The security operation covering Saturday's royal wedding will see hundreds of officers patrolling Windsor Castle, in a joint operation between the Metropolitan and Thames Valley police forces.

Armed officers, snipers and plain-clothes detectives are also expected to form part of the security operation.

Sir Ian Blair, who has previously identified the wedding as an "obvious and enormous" target for terrorists, said the security at the wedding would be " a very good operation".

"I guarantee it in this way: we are doing absolutely everything that we know how to do," he said.

"We are probably the premier force in the world at handling events of this nature and we have gone through our contingency plans again and again and again."

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How The Sun breached security at Windsor Castle

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