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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 November 2005, 05:10 GMT
Media frenzy over Blair defeat
Mastheads of the national newspapers

The Prime Minister's defeat over terror laws in the House of Commons has led Thursday's papers to question his future.

The Daily Telegraph labels it "Blair's Blackest Day" while the Independent calls it the "Moment Tony Blair lost his authority".

The Express says Blair is doomed, but the Sun defended Mr Blair, calling MPs who voted against the law "Traitors".

The Daily Mail asks if it is the "Beginning of the End?" while the Independent says "He ain't seen nothing yet".

Labour rebellion

Thursday's papers examine minutely the sequence of events leading up to Mr Blair's defeat.

The Mirror recounts how MPs were dragged from Commons bars to support the Prime Minister in his hour of need.

The Guardian says Mr Blair's face froze after being told the outcome of the vote by Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong.

Meanwhile, the Times brings into question support among MPs for Mr Blair's other planned reforms.

Public school investigation

Education fees are a hot topic in Thursday's papers.

The Guardian reports on the troubles facing 50 leading public schools found guilty of running an "illegal price fixing cartel".

The investigation allegedly began when a student hacked into his school's financial records and told the press.

In its editorial, the Daily Telegraph says that having stopped colluding, the schools should compete aggressively to benefit customers.

Funeral requests

A growing number of people are said to be making bizarre funeral arrangements, according to the Daily Express.

While ancient Egyptians chose to be entombed covered in jewellery, 21st century Britons want to be buried with their mobile phones, the paper says.

It says this is in case people wake up in the coffin and can't call for help.

But that does not explain some last requests, which include going to the grave with bottles of whisky, a coconut and in one case a bag of crisps.

Hi-tech Queen

According to a Sun exclusive, the Queen has had satellite navigation fitted in her fleet of limousines.

It reports that the Queen was seen using the navigation system in her Daimler Jaguar last Sunday.

The paper says her Majesty is speeding along the information superhighway - she already has an ipod and has learned to text.

Apparently Prince Harry has said he and Prince William "both get texts from their gran".

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