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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 November 2005, 06:16 GMT
Blunkett's fall captivates papers
Mastheads of the national newspapers
David Blunkett's resignation from the Cabinet for the second time in the last year dominates Thursday's papers.

"You only leave twice," is how the Sun headlines the departure of the work and pensions secretary.

David Aaronovich, writing in the Times, says Mr Blunkett's "political nous seems to have disintegrated".

But the paper points out the hardship of life without ministerial perks will be cushioned by drawing a second 18,000 redundancy payment in a year.

The Daily Express points out that the former minister's "colourful life" was responsible for his problems, making him the architect of his own downfall.

But the Daily Mail says many will still feel a pang of pity over the tragedy that he brought on himself.

The paper adds that, in a government full of pygmies, Mr Blunkett stood out as a genuine heavyweight.

'Day from hell'

For many papers, the real story behind David Blunkett's resignation is its consequences for Tony Blair.

The Morning Star says the two men were bound by a "devotion to new Labour's tendency to trample over all that Labour used to stand for".

Meanwhile, "Blair's power drains away" is the stark warning that forms the Daily Telegraph's main headline.

And the Independent says Mr Blair is battling to restore his battered authority after his "day from hell".

The Daily Mirror likens the "panic" around the resignation to the end of John Major's "shambolic" administration.

And the Guardian says Mr Blair's future is bleak. Its leader article says: "All prime ministers run out of credit in the end. This one is in trouble."

However, the Financial Times says by appointing John Hutton, a leading moderniser, it is clear that Mr Blair still plans to pursue radical welfare system reforms.

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