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UK voters' panel: Siobhan Burgess

Siobhan Burgess
Name: Siobhan Burgess
Age: 35
Lives: Warrington
Works: Occupational health nurse
Last general election voted: Labour
In 10 words or less:
"Family-centred wife, mother, nurse, cyclist, animal lover, amateur gardener"

David Blunkett's resignation came as a surprise to me.

I genuinely don't feel that he should have quit over this.

If he has, as has been suggested, acted improperly by not approaching the committee regarding his employment while out of ministerial office, then as with other employment surely this is an internal matter that should not be influenced by external sources.

Accordingly internal procedures should be followed.

Mr Blunkett is, as Tony Blair said, "a decent and honourable man".

Unfortunately, he has now felt the time is right to go, despite the support given to him by colleagues and public figures.

He has made a few mistakes, but who hasn't? However, he is a public figure and is in the full view of public scrutiny.

It strikes me that when he made his first mistake regarding the passport application, he instantly became a vulnerable target.

From then on, every action and statement was under scrutiny and if all I's weren't dotted then it became front page news.

This must be the straw that broke the camel's back, in effect.

He doesn't seem to have been allowed to concentrate on the job at hand.

I would have liked to have seen him succeed in his role at the Department of Work and Pensions and to see his plans come to fruition, rather than being hounded out of office.

Your comments:

Remember how Labour, Martin Bell and the media constantly laid into the Tory party over allegations of sleaze in the late 1990s? Well here we are again, but now is it the Labour party who are just as bad as the Tories. Mandelson, Blunkett and all the rest. Plus of course, peerages for party donations. Is it any wonder people can't be bothered to vote again?
David Frew, London, UK

Yes, I think we lost a good man from the government. But it was probably impossible for him to continue. In a way, we should perhaps be grateful that our media hound politicians too much rather than too little (as is the case in many other countries). Poor old David Blunkett is a victim of that.
David Pritchard, Madrid, Spain

Obviously Siobhan your standards and mine vary when it comes to deceptions at the highest levels in our society.
John Hall, Manchester, UK

Labour spent years with a holier than thou attitude to 'Tory sleaze', yet now the boot is on the other foot Labour voters like Siobhan seem to think it is somehow OK.
Jon Cooper, UK

You must be a very strong Blair supporter to come to this conclusion, Siobhan.
John, Tiverton, Devon

Let's be clear, he didn't make mistakes, be broke the rules. These were rules introduced by his party.
Chris Handel, Bishops Stortford, Herts, UK

His actions were at best immature and at worst a calculated abuse of power. One of the reasons that the majority of people are turned off politics are that they feel that the men and women involved cannot be trusted - I cannot see this improving the situation one iota!
George, Falkirk, Scotland

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