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UK voters' panel: Alistair Quinn

Alistair Quinn
Name: Alistair Quinn
Age: 34
Lives: Kings Lynn
Works: IT
Last general election voted: Labour
In 10 words or less:
"Family man, small business owner trying to earn a living"

David Blunkett's resignation was nothing more than a move forced upon him in a game of political chess.

In his career he has made a fantastic contribution to our schools by winning more funding.

I'm sure anyone can see the rewards are starting to shine through.

In his most difficult time as Home Secretary, after 9/11, he proved he would not let British citizens be walked all over.

His decisions on ID cards have created a solid base for a safer Britain.

It's a shame that a man who was a straight talker - which is what the public always want in politics - has resigned.

Personally I thought that he was silly to bow to the pressure of the opposition.

The man did his job to the best of his ability and should have been recognised for that fact alone.

All that said, the Labour government have filled the shoes of Mr Blunkett with someone just as worthy in John Hutton.

Labour will prove again that they are there to get a job done, not to pick at the faults of others but to learn from mistakes and make this country stronger.

Your comments:

If the best of his ability involved being unable to follow guidelines set out to prevent corruption and abuse of power, I think we're better off without him. All that said, it's difficult to take seriously the views of someone who spouts party political slogans quite so readily.
Tris, Bracknell, UK

I am sorry Alastair but you don't get the duplicity of Blair and New Labour. Think back 10 years and the ruthless way Blair used sleaze against the Tories, so don't claim Blair's opponents are being petty. Blair started it and the Tories were not in the same league as Blair for mendacity. Blunkett had lost the plot and had to go. In due course all the lies and duplicity will come out and I can't wait.
David Lightowler, Gravesend, UK

Blunkett broke the rules and should have resigned earlier. If nothing else it would have made an eventual return more palatable than the arrogance he displayed. As for ID cards, he didn't like it when people pried into his personal affairs and yet has so far failed to associate ID cards with the fact that it would allow the government (and others) easier access to pry into the affairs of everyone.
Dave, Cambridge, UK

Typical Labour voter, blind to the wrongdoings of the party. If I break the rules I get punished. If someone who is in public office breaks the rules then they must also be punished, and if they did something wrong because of a misunderstanding about the rules then they do not deserve to run the country. Wake up Labour followers, they don't care about you, just jobs for the boys.
Ian, Milton Keynes, UK

I notice no reference to: the errors of judgement, the undiluted arrogance that flows so freely through New Labour, and Mr Blair's ridiculous reaction about seeing no wrongdoing. Whilst admiring Mr Blunkett's determination to overcome his disability, there is no excuse for what he did.
Duncan McCord, Ely, Cambs, UK

I feel terrible that Mr Blunkett has felt the need to resign. As already mentioned by Alistair Quinn, Mr Blunkett has given his all to developing this country. I think it is utterly appalling that the public can forget that in an instant and only judge a man by his recent mistakes. My prayers are with David and his family at what must be a difficult time for him. The very best of luck, of course, now goes to John Hutton.
Adrian Foot, Blandford Forum, UK

I agree with you Alistair. David Blunkett made a great contribution but I think it was his relationship with a married woman that destroyed him in the end.
Ruby, London, UK

Would Alistair Quinn please advise us mortals exactly how ID cards will protect UK citizens? They can't stop terrorism, they won't make people safer. They will create a huge bureaucracy and will be a direct intrusion into the lives of free citizens.
Derek Blighty, UK

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