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Prince 'should work with media'
Prince Charles
Prince Charles is 'extremely experienced' with the media
Prince Charles' handling of the press should involve more "give and take" to avoid the relationship becoming difficult, publicist Max Clifford says.

The prince was recorded quietly muttering "bloody people" and calling a BBC reporter "awful" at a photo call during his ski holiday in Klosters.

Mr Clifford said any confrontation with the media would lead to nasty and difficult situations developing.

"You've got to work with them," Mr Clifford said.

"Like it or not, the media will play an important part in the future of the monarchy.

"It's give and take. Unfortunately they come from a time when it was just all take."

He said Princes William and Harry should look to their mother's example, rather than their father's, if they are going to avoid difficult relations with the media.

William answered questions politely at the photo call on Thursday, including those regarding the publication of photos of him with his girlfriend Kate Middleton at the Swiss resort.

Publicist Max Clifford
Max Clifford said Diana worked the media well

Mr Clifford said: "I was hoping that William and Harry would be their mother's sons because she worked the media extremely well and became probably the most popular woman on the planet."

The prince's former press secretary, Colleen Harris, dismissed the incident as pre-wedding pressure despite the prince being "extremely experienced" in dealing with the press.

"It seems that we caught the prince on an off-day, which happens to the best of us.

"I don't know anyone that's involved in preparing for a wedding - whether they are the groom, the bride or the organiser - that doesn't have a bit of an off-day where they are a bit tetchy."

There has been intense media coverage over the last few weeks so people are bound to be feeling a little bit sensitive
Colleen Harris
Ex-press secretary to Prince Charles

Prince Charles will marry Camilla Parker Bowles on 8 April in Windsor.

"There has been intense media coverage over the last few weeks so people are bound to be feeling a little bit sensitive. He's only human," Mrs Harris told the BBC.

With regard to the comments directed at BBC Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, she said it was not a personal attack, more "a general feeling of frustration".

Prince Charles is entitled to his opinion of the press
Stephen Doyle, Forres, Scotland

Mrs Harris was the Prince's press secretary for three years until Paddy Harverson took over in February 2004. She was previously deputy press secretary for two years.

"I know [Charles] does have respect for media. He knows they have a job do, but I think we're blowing it a bit out of proportion at the moment.

"Like all grooms he's under the spotlight at the moment."

Prince Charles mumbles his dislike of BBC man

Nicholas Witchell
01 Dec 03 |  Profiles

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