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Transcript: Princes' comments
Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales has made comments about the media during an arranged photo call at a Swiss ski resort with his sons. Here is a transcript.

As the three princes posed, a photographer said: "Look like you know each other".

Prince Charles:"Do I put my arms around you?"

Prince William: "No, don't but you can take the horrible glasses away."

Charles: "Do not be rude about my glasses, I couldn't bear it if you were."

Charles: "What do we do?"

William: "Keep smiling, keep smiling."

BBC reporter Nicholas Witchell asked how the princes were feeling about the wedding.

William: "[I'm] very happy, very pleased. It will be a good day."

Witchell repeated his question for Prince Charles.

Charles: "Well it's a nice thought. I am very glad you have heard of it anyway."

The three princes then chuckled among themselves.

Charles (under his breath) "These bloody people. I can't bear that man. I mean, he's so awful, he really is."

William, responding to a further question about the wedding: "So long as I don't lose the ring, it will be all right. My one responsibility. I'm bound to get something wrong."

Reporter: "As this is your last holiday together before the wedding, I was wondering, William and Harry, if you were planning any kind of appropriate send-off for your father?"

Prince Harry: "It's been and done."

William: "You've missed it. It was good fun."

Reporter: "He wasn't chained to anything?"

William: (laughing) No.

Charles: "What makes him think that?"

William was asked about photos published in British tabloids of him with his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

William: "I haven't seen any of it. I'm just gagging to be on the slopes. Simple as that."

Nicholas Witchell reacts to the prince's remarks

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